Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Home Cooking - Wagyu Steak

Thanks to Chocolatesuze, I am finally part of the twitter scene. This useful application helps me stalk... I mean keep in contact with what the other foodies are doing ;) but the thing is they are all foodies! Soooo they update mostly about the delicious and scrumptious meals that they are preparing, eating or their current cravings and yearnings. And they like to describe it all in great detail which leaves me drooling even when I am not reading their blogs!

About 9 hours ago Chocolatesuze and Fooderati declared their urge for a fat, juicy steak with a side of truffled mash made of royal blue potatoes and double cream... *drooolll* I noticed these updates about a half hour before dinner time so obviously I had to go steak for dinner!

Thank goodness we have some good fatty Wagyu Grade 7 or 8 stored in the freezer for such emergencies ^^!

Mmmm look at the fat dribbling out

The shiny coating of butter reflecting the light! Greasy goodness!
I did not have any potatoes so I whipped up a side of pan fried eggs, some veges and some turkish bread with extra virgin olive oil.

This one turned out slightly towards to rare side as they were thinner cuts I did not want to burn them. Also sorry for the lack of photos of the cooked steak cos I just ended up diving right in. Craving for steak gone... until tomorrow at least hee hee :)

Steak is the King of meat ^^!



shez said...

ohhhhnoooooo..... now I want steak!

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

Hehe "Thank goodness we have some good fatty Wagyu Grade 7 or 8 stored in the freezer for such emergencies ^^!" reminds me of "here's one I prepared earlier". Something that I've always wanted to say :P

chocolatesuze said...

LOL at lorraine haha yeah i wish i had random wagyu steaks lying around! man that looked so good i still havent eaten any steak!

Anonymous said...

Shez - Then my job is done *nods*

NQN - Hee hee I am sure you are able to say that heaps of times cos you always make so much delicious stuff!

Chocolatesuze - Hahah well you guys started it! :P

K said...

wow that looks heaps yummy! where do you buy wagyu steak from?? my local butcher doesn't stock no wagyu steak!!!!! =[

Anonymous said...

K - Oh nooesss hmm we usually get good quality grade 6 from Peters Meats in Chatswood Chase but these ones I think my Dad got from a friend so I'll have to ask him about that haha sorry can't help more :S

Oh if you go Peters you can ask for a whole chunk and ask them to slice them up instead of choosing the prepacgkaged stuff :)