Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ribs and Rumps - Gordon, Sydney

To continue with my carnivorous feastings, a post about Ribs and Rumps is definitely mandatory. This humble little grill & seafood started off with one branch in Manly has now multiplied into 5 branches spread around Sydney and others in South Africa and Middle East.

They are very popular places still even after being around so long probably because of their "man-sized portions" of steaks and ribs. There were empty seats when I took the photo but the place was fully packed only a few moments later. Also, whenever I have eaten at Ribs and Rumps in Gordon, there has been a dimming of lights and a table would burst out in song as a Birthday cake was carried towards that table but on my latest visit there was none which was a bit of a surprise.

Big knives for the big task of cutting up big portions!
Last year sometime I think they re-vamped their menu and made increased the prices a bit as well as reduce some of the portions a little bit as well which makes me a sad panda but the quality of the food is still good.

The warm, family atmosphere with walls full of African art and designs matches the sound of chatter and laughter, along with the waft of sizzling steaks and ribs perfectly. The ambience and food are both excellent but I have heard about some below-average service, mainly because they get very busy and the manager of the Gordon branch can be a bit meh sometimes.

The RnR Wall of Fame
To be able to get onto the Wall of Fame you have to eat 3 large servings of meat (probably around a total of 2.5 kgs of meat) in one sitting. The problem is that most of it is rump steak which is dry and tough so I will pass on this challenge hahaha -___-"

Medium rare please!
3 hungry men were ready for the manly meal ahead so Here Comes the Food

Beef Ribs (Full $38.95)
Mmmm big and meaty ribs that fall off the bone all sweet and sticky with house basting. With a side of crispy, crunchy chips and a sprig of corinader the only thing green on the meat board we were in meat heaven haha. These ribs and very good and comparable to the ones at Pancakes on the Rocks.

Mixed Grill ($47.95) - Variety is the spice of life! A full combination of ribs, steak, cutlets and a tangy beef sausage, topped with a fried egg. A must try for the meat lover or the extremely hungry!
I am normally someone who would want to try different dishes on the menu when I go back to the same restaurant but whenever I come here, the description and the photo of the Mixed Grill wins me over! Here's a better photo:

For the price we pay it is quite reasonable but I do miss the days when it was only around $40 and there was a few more ribs and a slightly longer Boerewors (African sausage). All in all though this is probably the best place for a meat fix like this ^^! The lamb cutlets are so beautiful and succulent, the pork and lamb ribs are fall-off-the-bone tender and soft, the rump is mediocre (don't really like rump) but still quite juicy and tender for rump while the egg is golden and runny and the sausage is tasty and flavoursome. Just typing this up is making me hungry haha.

There are also some other great dishes like the Lazy aged sirlion is beautifully tender and they also have some Kobe beef which is melty and fantastic.

Other Meat Havens:
Mad Cow - Sydney CBD, Sydney
I'm Angus - Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney

Ribs and Rumps Grill & Seafood
Gordon Centre, 808 Pacific Highway
Gordon 2072
Ph: (02) 9498 4411
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Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

This is your final warning-stop the meat porn pleeeeeease lol. You're making me so hungry and here I am with a vegetarian meal for dinner!

K said...

the mixed grill looks sooo good!! exp the egg! hahaha

shez said...

That's it! I'm having steak for lunch today!

Helen (AugustusGloop) said...

all i can hear in my head is that annoying catchcry that accompanies their radio ad. looks good altho it does seem somewhat pricey.

Anonymous said...

NQN - Haha yes milady... I bet your vegetarian meals are just as good though ;)

K - Hee hee yup yup so totally worth it ^^! nyum nyum nyum

Shez - Raarrr devouuurr! Where you get from?

Helen(AG) - Ohh I don't think I have ever heard their ad before :S hopefully it's not annoying enough to drive you away!

Yeah inflation is baaddd :( but still worth it once in a while :)

Maria@TheGourmetChallenge said...

mmmmmmmm, it sounds and looks so delish! I wish they would open one in Melbourne. I think I know someone who would attempt the 2.5kg challenge, and probably get through it too!

Oh by the way, I have the exact same knives at home, nothing like a massive sharp knife to cut your lettuce with, lol.

Anonymous said...

CAn you see why there is a obesity problem?? There portions are just simply huge, just looking at the photo, the food looks like it can feed a family!! haha

sydneyguyrojoe (sorry have big problems logging in)