Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sydney Fish Markets - Pyrmont, Sydney

The Sydney Fish Markets is a great place to enjoy a leisurely weekend morn, enjoy the fresh seafoody air ,chill out in the sun and dine on the gorgeously juicy and plump seafood being sold at the very competitive stores.

Always packed full of people :S

I actually haven't been here for quite some time but not much has changed since my last visit. The usually shops displaying their wares along with the token sushi place, bread shop, deli shop and the fruit and vege shop. I don't normally go to the sushi place but they have some pretty fresh sashimi (naturally) but I prefer to go to Japanese restaurants to dine on Japanese cuisine. The bread shop has some reasonble selections but whenever I used to come, we only got the cheese stick.

All the seafood browsing works up an appetite and none better is to try Doyles at the Fish markets. They are pricier than the others but usually quite reliable in the fresh and tasty department, but alas this visit has left me very diappointed in their quality and will go back to the others stores next time.

One good/bad thing about fish markets is that nearly everything is deep fried...

But damn.. deep fried things are tasty ^^!

Oh poor, poorr, delicious, cheese covered Pinchy

Here Comes the Food

Grilled Barramundi
Soft flakes of this fish makes this one of the highlights of this lunch. Barramundi does not have a strong flavour so a little bit more seasoning was required. The accompanying salad was also fresh and green so as to match this fish perfectly.

BBQ Baby Octopus
I expected higher quailty from Doyles but the baby octopus were just a bit below average. They were slightly cold which made the sauce a bit greasy and unpleasant and some of the octopi were a bit too tough.

Lobster, Scallop Mornay and soft shelled crab
I love mornay ^^! haha mainly cos of the melted chhheeesssy goodness on top. The lobster and scallop mornay here were good but the lobster did not have enough meat and could have done with more cheese. The soft shell crab was also not bad but not the best either.

Pinchy's other half...
After we ate our fill it was time to buy some for home.

We get out seafood from this shop outside of the hussle and bussle of the main fish market complex but still very busy with people fighting for service.

Fishy fish fillets


Big chunk of Swordfish
I love swordfish but it has to be done right... too easy to overcook.


Dedicated descalers and filleters

more fishies

Beach bugs and lobster party

That evening the night turned purdy shades of red, orange and yellow at sunset.

Clouds are so fluffy

Hello plane!
The fish markets are a great experience and a fun time to spend with friends or family. It is a good place to enjoy the scenery/atmosphere and what the shops have to offer while sharing a huge platter of healthy*, deep fried goodies.

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Sydney Fish Markets
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Pyrmont 2009


*deep fried seafood may not actually be healthy for you


missklicious said...

I love going to the Fish Markets! Not sure how leisurely it is though as it's always annoyingly crowded.

The lobster looks so good! I always get heaps of sashimi- yum!

kthxbye said...

Usually visits to the fish markets means buying a large salmon and letting the sushi chef dad cut it up to sashimi to be consumed over the next week. Sashimi overload! but much cheaper than buying the pre-cut sashimi. Lucky he knows how to cut it! :D

Now that I work 5 mins away from the fish markets I must make more of an effort to go... :o

shez said...


I found your website (finally) after lurking around other people's blogs and seeing your links :)

We always go to Claudio's to get our fresh seafood too. Such a good system - and so much to choose from!

foodie.jenius said...

i love the fish markets! i usually buy from Christie's because they have an awesome hot food range and then take it outside to the grass area... mmmm....

Miss Honey said...

I adore the fish markets, but sometimes get overwhelmed by the crowd - if only I was taller!! I love getting calamari rings/fish and chips and taking home some sashimi. Pity about the octopus you had there - always so unpredictable..

Veron said...

oh my god...oh my god... all those sea food. the lobster looks so good and too bad the baby octopus was not up to sure looked good!

FFichiban said...

Missklicious - Yeah true about the crowds.. makes waiting for food longer than I wanted (which is instantaneously) .
Oh where you get sashimi from? The Jap place?

kthxbyeee - Haha yeah lucky you XP mmm fatty fatty salmon!

Shez - zommmggg are you who I think you are?! Harrooooo!! Long time no see!

Jenius - OOhh ok I shall def get Christies next time! ..Which one is Christies ahah?

Miss Honey - Haha you're not that short :P I love calamri rings mm ^^! Yeh the poor baby octopi, did not get any justice!

Veron - Hee hee yeah it was a pity cos Doyles is usually reliable :(

NQN said...

Oh my that lobster mornay is making me so hungry. Stop it! :P