Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Adriano Zumbo Café Chocolat - Balmain, Sydney (4)

I would like to start off by apologizing with the lack of posting these past few weeks due to a mixture of tiredness, being short on time and downright laziness haha. Hopefully these coming days/weeks I can inject some inspiration and motivation into my blogging self and of D and cupcake! (D - you got your photos back so post mangs!) Since it is pretty late and I have an early start morrow just a brief overview of yet another wonderful culinary trip to Adriano Zumbo's Cafe Chocolat.

But of course a trip to the patisserie is in order!

Sorry dude but I forgot your name X( but when you get a gateaux named after you, I'll definitely remember
This cake dude was also cool, friendly and helpful just like all the other employees at Adriano Zumbos.

Was lucky enough to snatch up the last Charles

Which one to choose :S?

Mmmm I want to Wheely Wildy Wendy again but I must try the others as well for research purposes haha

I had not seen the Dr. Apple yet. It is so bright and green, must try it next time!

Tomatosalsa's macaroons. She was one happy camper even thought they got a little bit squashed in her bag

Pie pie pie ^^!

Meat pie innards
The previously thought curry pie was actually the meat pie. The delicious mince was scattered with chunky veges and a hint of curry flavour, and is still considered the best pie ever by Pupu.

Charles du jour
Beautifully vanillary in every bite, we could see why this one is so popular and hard to get! This gateaux goes down very smoothly.

Where's the cheese?
The blue cheese was subtle but present and gave it a nice creamy feel to it. Another favourite of mine ^^!

Framboise millefeuille
Another one that is not intended for sharing as it the caramelzied puff pastry was hard to cut but also because it was too tasty to share with others hee hee. Refreshing raspberry flavour seeps out of each bite and the creamy marscapone brings it all together.

Dark and Milk Iced Chocolates

Butterscotch Milkshake
Nowhere as sweet or strong as the first one so not as good haha but still reasonble. Hopefully much stronger next time :D

Miss Marple Deconstructed ($13.50)
Still amazing and perfect, this dessert may have bumped its' way onto number one on my list mmmmmm.

The Younger Years ($13.50)

The Younger Years ($13.50)

The Younger Years ($13.50)
This chocolate and PB fondant still has a place in my heart but the past 2 times I had this were never as good as the first time I tried it. The outer souffle was slightly too dry but the inside was still nicely moist and oozy. The injecting is still fun for the whole table so most definitely worth ordering!

PARIS: La Vie En Rose ($13.50)
This dessert was super refreshing especially in this summer heat. Fresh lychee and strawberry combination provided a juicy treat had a well balance of sweet and sour, while the drink had little balls of sago that were a great change in texture.

My fellow partners in dessertimes

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Adriano Zumbo Café Chocolat - Balmain, Sydney

Adriano Zumbo Café Chocolat
308 Darling St
Balmain, Sydney
Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm
Saturday and Sunday 8am - 5pm

Adriano Zumbo Patisserie
296 Darling St
Balmain, Sydney



Karen said...

Hehe you went again?!! *seething* much more can I declare my love for Paris?

Anonymous said...

Haha great recap! I really liked the cakes that you had. Is that guy Kai? I'm not sure, I'm always too busy staring at the cakes :P

LOL at last shot-love it!

Miss Honey said...

I love this place, I'll never tire of everyone's photos lol. Iced choccie - perfect for this weather:D

Maria @ TheGourmetChallenge said...

I heard so much about this place. I'm in the wrong state!! Can you convince them to open an outlet in Melbourne.....PLEEEEASE?????

Anonymous said...

Karen - Hee hee yup it is too addictive! Though this was from weeeeekkkss back though, just didn't post till now haha.
I guess you can write and sing a song about it ;)

NQN - Hee hee mmm must try more! No, that is ...X( sorry :( goldfish memory. Haha true that!
Thx, I'm going thru a blurry phase :P

Miss Honey - Yepp! but that Movenpick iced chocolate looked (dare I say it) much better mmm.

Maria - Hahah road trip here ;)!!! It is worth it!

Clumbsy Cookie said...

Oh wow yummy treats! The seringe is kind of creapy, but fun!