Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cafe Mix - The Rocks, Sydney

Cafe Mix of the Shangri-La Hotel used to be one of my favourite buffet haunts but since the hotel changed from ANA Hotel to Shangri-La Hotel, the quality of the food had gone downhill. It has been too long a time since my last visit so it was a very reminiscing experience to once again dine here. Using the a bunch of We Love Sydney cards a group of us were able to eat at half price! What a bargain! Another reason why it was worth it to come eat here, because normally it would not be really worth it in my opinion.

Hotels are very good at displaying the better cars outside to "show off" and I was lucky enough to spot a few good ones hee hee

Cafe Mix may be on the 1st floor but Altitude and Blu Horizon Bar have an astounding and breath-taking of the view of the city, espically at nighttime, on level 36

Pretty drop-shaped lights in the lobby (would be better if I waited til dark to take it)

These balls were also very pretty and they still had a tree up wheeee. They also had a duo on the piano and guitar playing sweet and soft loungy/chill music which is perfect when you are just sitting and having a drink in cushy seats.

Chandeliar leading down to the foyer

I really like this piece so swirly and curvy (haha yes I am pro at using arty words... -___-)

The wall leading to the entrance, very nicely done :)

Cafe Mix is called thus, due to the variety of cuisine stations which provides a mixture of flavours around the world.

Since we are here for the buffet we dig right in... Here Comes the Food!

The first island you see is the exquisite dessert island but I shall talk more about that later ;)

DIY salad bar
I tend to start buffets with a plate of fresh greens like baby spinach and rocket so I don't feel so bad about all the nutrient-free foods I'll be eating later hee hee.

There were oysters ready to be shucked out of their shells and into our mouths nom nom. They seemed reasonably fresh and tasty with only a squirt of lemon juice required. Next to these oysters were the antipastos of olives, tomatoes and other goodies.

This is where I hope to eat my money's worth! Accompanied by thousand island dressing I should have kept hitting this bar instead of the others haha.

Us being typical asian hee hee

Me being... me ^^!

Moving onto the hot food, this is where Cafe Mix fails to impress me :(

Western Mix

Roast Potatoes with Sage and Pasta with Bolinas Sauce
The potatoes were mediocre, nothing special, and the pasta was actually not as bad as I thought it would be but since it was pasta (and carbs are filling) I decided not to have too much of it.

Steamed Snapper with Coriander Sauce and Roast Pork with Apple Jus
I did not try the snapper because I am not too fond of the head and I forgot to get it later on haha and the pork was too tough so disappointing. The apple jus was pleasant though, with a tinge of sweetness.

Japan Mix
Fresh selection of nigiri, though I would prefer sashimi as you won't fill up on rice but I think almost everyone just ate the fish and left the rice anyway :S There were also miso soup and a mushroom soup next to this station which were not bad.

China Mix
A selection of dumplings and typical chinese dishes were on hand. I try not to eat too much chinese at a buffet because I have lots of chinese food elsewhere haha.

India Mix
Curries and naan were what I was aiming for. There was a lamb curry which was pretty tasty but not strong enough in the spice depatment. The naan was light and fluffy and ended up eating more than I should have.

Random plate
Now onto dessert island whheeee!

Milk and dark chocolate fountains on either end and a wide selection of cakes, jellies, pastries, tarts and brulee in between ^^! There is also ice cream on one end so you could make your own combination of desserts yum!

So much yum!

Random dessert shot
I must say, the creme brulee is probably the best dessert there so it is worth it to fight or ask for it haha. The chocolate fountains are also very fun and I admit... I dropped a marshmallow into the dark one haha.

To summarize once again, if you love prawns and oysters and desserts then this is the sort of place for you! Remember to prepare youself for a good stuffing of food and wear some baggy pants hee hee.

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Cafe Mix
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176 Cumberland Street
The Rocks, 2000



Belle said...

I love buffets because you can fit so many cuisines on one plate (or more). And you are so neat at peeling prawns - do your dining companions nick them off your plate?

billy said...

wow scrumptious! I like the us being asian bit. I think I would do that too! LOL

NQN said...

LOL at your prawn plates! I would have done the same except with oysters. Mmmm oysters....

chocolatesuze said...

aw will you peel my prawns for me too? what day did you go on? cos usually theres crabs and/or lobsters as well as the prawns and oysters?

Miss Honey said...

Prawns!!! I can never get enough, I tend to transform into a pocket sized eating machine around them lol.

I agree with you re hot food though, didn't look the best..

FFichiban said...

Belle - Hee hee true true and not just cuisines but food food and more food haha ^^! Hee hee I offer them around (much love) but the ones who wants prawns already have a plateful of them :)

Billy - Hee hee that's the spirit! Give in to the prawn side.

NQN - Ahh I am not that big an oyster fan but since it was a buffet I should have done it anyway hee hee.

ChocolateSuze - Haha my concept about peeling prawns is if I am going to get my hands dirty I might as well do it for everyone so sure ;) We went on a weekday I think.

Hmm I'm not too sure but maybe you are talking about Sheraton on the Park? Cos I don't remember Cafe Mix ever having lobsters? But I could be wrong haha too long no been!

Miss Honey - Haha we can go on a prawn eating rampage at Yutaka (super cheap but therefore not as good), Garden Buffet Star City and this place haha!

Helen (AugustusGloop) said...

Ooh it must be buffet season, or hang on, I think it's always buffet season. haha. I've always tended to hover over the seafood station at buffets. Like you I found the hot food stations a little lacklustre at Cafe Mix - the sushi was hard and the dumplings were soggy. It's always such a balancing act trying to resist the carbs though. Desserts look quite good altho' I'm sad to see they no longer offer macarons. That used to be the highlight for me!

FFichiban said...

Helen(AG) - Hee hee yup always buffet season ^^! Yeah that is where we eat our money's worth hee hee! Ooh I don't remember the macaroons but I am sad now too haha

Howard said...

wow the desserts are still more or less the same, I came here 2 years with my old work place!

K said...

i immediately got a we love sydney card after reading your post and my mum and i went to cafe mix last night! the size of the oysters and prawns was slightly disappointing and there was no creme brulee either!! if it wasn't for the we love sydney offer it would have been a major let down...but thanks for blogging about the we love sydney card!! I'm gonna go to Lowenbrau tmr with it! hehehe

NQN said...

I get buffet fatigue easily but I'm a great buffer dining companion as when I do I volunteer to peel everyone's prawns. I like the idea of sticking to the prawns and oysters! :)

thewayitcrumbles said...

Wow! I think I'd just gravitate towards the dessert bar - they look divine. I wonder how it compares to the desserts at Sheraton on the Park? Although, any thing with brulee on it automatically gets a thumbs up from me ^_^

FFichiban said...

Howard - Haha that is not a good sign but I am amazed that you remember the desserts from 2 years ago haha cos I don't *scratches head*

K - Ahh Lowenbrau is awesome ^^! Make sure to get the Schlachtplatte for 2 ;)

NQN - Hee hee aww well we must get you to come to next buffet ^^! Foodie buffet meet XD?

thewayitcrumbles - From memory both desserts are quite good but I really need to refresh what the Sheraton buffet is like hee hee ^^!

tomatosalsa said...

I went on Wed night, and we had a few dishes that were different :)
we didn't get pasta, and the fish was different too..

I actually quite enjoyed it, the hot food wasnt as bad as you said - so maybe we just went on a good night lol.

desserts were similar..but zomg, love chocolate fountain!!

what soup did you have? cos we had a creamy chicken and corn soup, which was very very tasty!

Kathy said...

did they let you use your We <3 Sydney for everyone?