Sunday, January 4, 2009

Robertson Pie Shop - Robertson, south of Sydney

For those who are traveling south for a holiday or a relaxing drive should consider stopping by at this landmark - Robertson Pie Shop. Yet another pie craving has set in but this time we were coming back to Sydney from a beach trip down to Jervis Bay and so this seemed like a good detour to take for a bite to eat and resting up.

Welcome to the Famous (Robertson Pie Shop)
En.elle was the only one who has been to here before so he was the experienced one that we turned to for suggestions.

So much choice!
Typical of a pie shop there were glass cabinets displaying the tasty pastries varying in flavours, sizes and designs.

Sweet pastries

Family sized pies

The many awards they have won and articles they have featured in

More and more pies
Here Comes the Food

Curry Beef ($4)
This curry beef pie had soft and tender chunks of beef and had a good soft and flaky pastry to accompany it. The curry flavour was not very strong but it was noticeable.

Chilli ($4)
With flakes of chilli, this pie provides a mild burn for those who are in search of some heat.

Steak and Mushroom ($4)
Chunks of beef and mushroom provide a wonderful combination of flavours from this choice.

Beef, Bacon and Cheese ($4)
This was my favourite of the choices mainly because it had cheese haha. This was also the flavour that was recommended by the staff when we asked. There was not that much bacon but some bites contained the little firmer pieces of salty goodness.

Lemon Tart ($3.90)
All I know is that you cannot go wrong with a cute face on food :)

Apple Turnover ($3.20)

I found that even though the Beef, Bacon and Cheese pie was really good, Pie in the Sky does pies better so the next pie crave shall be satisfied up north.

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Robertson Pie Shop
Cnr Jamberoo Rd & Illawarra Hwy
Robertson, 2577
Ph: (02) 4885 1330



Karen said...

The only 'famous' pies I know is up north. But maybe I should switch it up and travel down south for once :)

Yum either way is there anything better than a meat pie? *drool*

D said...

i really liked the apple turnover and the chili pie; but the custard tart was a tad disappointing because it just fell apart everywhere ><

Miss Honey said...

I periodically have pie cravings, so this now intensifies my need to Find One Now lol.

Helen (AugustusGloop) said...

Whenever we go on a roadtrip south, I always try to wangle a detour via Robertson just for the pies. I still haven't made it there yet, but appreciate your sneak preview of all the pies!

Anonymous said...

Karen - Oohh which place is that? If it is PITS then awesome I really want to go again haha.
For me there is... a meat pie with cheese ^^! hee hee :P

D - Yah rly!

Miss Honey - Hee hee I get pie cravings too! I guess it is contagious cos I am craving now too!

Helen(AG) - Oohh yes please go, I want to hear what you think! Roadtrips are fun ^^!

Anonymous said...

Yumm love the pic of you lifting the top off the Beef, Bacon and Cheese. That pastry bit is my favourite! Must stop by here if I ever go through Robertson :)

Clumbsy Cookie said...

Yummy pies! Who doesn't love a pie, really?

Annie said...

Mmm... pies. Thanks for the food porn - pies are one of my most favourite foods ever!

Anonymous said...

NQN - You have to get the beef, bacon and cheese yummmmmmmmmm!

Clumbsy Cookie - Hee hee so true *nods*

Annie - Haha anytime! Me too, they are perfect for any occasion :)

Anonymous said...

Yum, I just had one for lunch and it was great. If you stop there you have to grab a few extra cold one's to see you through.

I had a custard tart at the shop and it was sensational, D must have caught a bad day.

Anonymous said...

Pies are just great aren't they. I love them. So tasty and yummy. Love. Pieface

Anonymous said...

Can anyone recommend other meat savouries that an honest pie lover might take a fancy to? My local pie supplier has become so popular that they ran out of pies at the weekend - outrageous!!! My Sunday was completely ruined. Pieface.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Pie Face(is that you real name? I hope so)your right to be outraged! A pie shop, with no pies. Imagine if we ran the army like that! Say there was civil unrest with poor people wanting democracy or free speech and we'd run out of soldiers to mercilessly beat them down with? A terrible thought I think you'll agree. But its only a symbol of the way things have gone since the loss of Empire and Colonial rule. Anyway back to pies, for there can be no substitute, and I recommend switching your allegiances to Philip Salt the Butcher, Boughton, Chester, England. I understand this might be a bit of the beaten track for you but its worth the effort. Regards Gnasher.

Anonymous said...

Just yanking your chains folks.....Peace, love and pies to you all.......Gnasher.