Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pancakes on the Rocks - The Rocks, Sydney

One thing about Sydney, I find, that is a major problem is the lack of late night eateries. I mean 24 hour places or ones that are open until the wee hours of the morning. Therefore Pancakes on the Rocks is always a popular choice when it comes to a midnight snack. Open 24 hours and with a huge variety to choose on the menu from breakfast to desserts.

A small group of us were feeling a little bit peckish late one night and we were in the area so away we go to the steps of Metcalfe Arcade and into the welcoming warmth of doughy heaven. The projector displaying boxes and occasionally the random music video on the glass, and the cushy seats above and around the staircase have been added a while back due to the growing demand.

Ned Kelly-like armour

The dingo ate my... pancakes!

Since I wasn't too hungry and only craving something sweet, I gave my usual Beef Ribs a pass and moved onto the pancake menu mmmm but for the past several months the portions have been getting smaller and smaller which is disappointing :(

Yayy so much choice, from simple buttermilk pancake stack to awesome combination stacks.
But why stare at the menu when Here Comes the Food :)

Colour-coded Drinks - Red = Strawberry ice cream soda, Yellow = Ice fruit cocktail and Green = Lime ice cream soda ($3.25 each)

Margherita - tomato and mozzerella ($4.95)
The margherita pizza is under the starters section but can be ordered as a main pizza for the not-so-hungry. There is a decent topping of melty mozzerella cheese and the tomato base makes for a simple but satisfying dish.

I, for one, would prefer something with more dripping chocolate and melting ice cream on top though ^^!

Vanilla & Choc Surprise ($10.95)
This is the one I choose when I can't make a decision between chocolate pancakes and buttermilk ones because it has the best of both worlds haha. One chocolate pancake topped with vanilla ice cream and vice versa. The pancakes are thick and cakey and the chocolate drizzle on top is like icing on a cupcake.

For me, the chocolate pancakes just seemed like cocoa powder added to the batter and would be much better if they have chocolate chips in them ^^! But otherwise they are both equally good and tasty.

Bananarama ($10.95)
Who would have thought that Monkeyjaja would have chosen this one ;) This one has the beautiful buttermilk pancakes but also accompanied by a split and grilled banana with a sweet butterscotch sauce. The banana adds another flavour and texture dimension and matches the dense pancakes beautifully.

ooohh The awards
I am very grateful for places like these when we need a late night sugar fix or even a savoury fix :D Be weary that this place is popular among tourists as well as locals so there is usually a long queue at meal times and sometimes even at off meal times.

Other midnight goodies:
Monaco Bar - Everywhere except where we look, Sydney
The Pakhi Cafe - Ultimo, Sydney
Mamak - Haymarket, Sydney

Pancakes on the Rocks
4 Hickson Rd
The Rocks, Sydney
24 Hours, 7 days a week (Don't you just love it :D)
Ph: (02) 9247 6371



Karen said...

This use to be my post-clubbing hangout back in the day! It was always the devil chocolate pancakes for me. But I agree - we need more late-night eateries ( or is it early-morning?).

I'll be at the Good Food Affare on Sat too. I'll see you there...somehow!

*Camera in one hand, food in the other* :)

Miss Honey said...

Places that stay open late enough are too few and far between in Sydney. Meanwhile, I also have your dilemma between chocolate and regular pancakes lol. My usual tactic is to try and convince someone to get the other so we can share lol.

chocolatesuze said...

heh did you know i use to work there... cooking in da kitchen... only girl...

Mochachocolata Rita said...


one of my favorite places in sydney! i wonder whyyyyy no one opens such a place in hong kong. i want pancakes day and night!

just like miss honey, I was always torn between choco and non choco too ;) ahhh decisions decisions...

D said...

the elusive $5 Margherita pizza that I never knew existed on the menu until recently!!

Anonymous said...

Karen - Haha yeah devil chocolate pancakes is Pupus' favourite.
Haha love it, that should be our distinguishing mark :D or else we will end up asking everyone with a camera "Are u ....?"

Miss Honey - Hahah sharing is caring ^^! but sometimes it is best add extra pancakes of the other type :D

ChocolateSuze - HAHAHAH srsss? How long ago? So you are pro pancaker? I will drill you on sat about where my free pancakes are then :P

Mochoachocolata Rita - Hahah that would be awesome but Hong Kong is already so alive at night with other shops and night markets.
Hee hee pancakey decisions are quite tough sometimes.

D - Yeahh its ok, needs more chheeessseee... or a pancake on it hee hee ^^!

Clumbsy Cookie said...

Next time I'm going with you!

Anonymous said...

Clumbsy Cookie - Hee hee group pancake run ^^!

the projectivist said...

oh my lord what am i doing looking at these pictures on an empty stomach!?

my mouth is watering.
it's torture.

do you know, i've never been to a Pancakes on the Rocks? it looks like kid-heaven, i should take the children!

Anonymous said...

The Projectivist - Hee hee I know how you feel, I do it all the time!

Ohhh you must try haha but if you going for the beef ribs they have been getting smaller :(

Pancakes are still nice and cakey though! Personally I would go during a sweet craving at 1am so the kids are probably asleep haha.

Anonymous said...

i think chocolate room has batter pancakes then the rocks. but still 8/10.