Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm Angus - Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney

As a carnivore, after reading about this place at Eat Like a Cow I knew I just had to try it. Since it was at Cockle Bay Wharf, it was expected that it would be a bit pricey but also that it would be of good quality.

The smells of barbecuing meats wafting across the Promenade is noticeable even before reaching the entrance to the restaurant. Then first thing you notice when you walk in is, of course, the open chargrill kitchen area which has bursts of flame licking out up and out at you.

Very smoky and flamey chargrill goodness!
Since we came here on a Saturday night, the whole place was packed and very lively. You could see the staff rushing about trying to get orders, drinks and meals to and from the customers so our service at the start was a bit slow.

The staff here are very friendly and helpful even though the place was buzzing and really busy. After we ordered I got a good look at the very informative blackboard-wall at the back of the restaurant.

This cute little piggy went wee wee wee all the way to the bbq... so Here Comes the Food

Trio of breads - Chilli, pesto and garlic
These breads were excellent with a good combination of crisp and soft bread. The toppings were very strong but they made nice subtle flavours in the bread.

Caesar Salad - baby cos, caramelized bacon, anchovies, parmesan, egg and croutons
I must admit I am a big lover of meats but I also love excellent salads and this one had won me over with the caramelized bacon. The sweet honey bacon was a big pleasant surprise when I first bit into this salad. The mayonnaise was nice and slightly tangy but there was just a little bit too much of it. A must order as it also helps balance out all the meat for mains.

Angus Pie
I was walking in to my table and this puffy crust diverted my attention to another patron's table. This pie had nice tender pieces of beef with a crunchy crust and was overall a delightful dish. The mash was nice and smooth thought could do with a bit more butter or some sour cream.

Rib Eye Steak with Bernaise sauce
The outside was a bit too charred as you can see haha but inside, the meat was soft and tender. It was cooked a bit more than medium rare but still good. The creamy goodness of the bernaise sauce is one of my favourites.

Sirloin 300g with Port jus

Sirloin 500g
Both cuts of meat were delicious, the meat was tender and juicy. The outside was a bit too charred but it gave it a real BBQ quality to it. I did not appreciate the port jus as much but the bernaise sauce was definitly a winner.

BAHH unfortunately my picture of my Giant Pork Ribs has gone AWOL >_< For me the ribs were probably the best dish at this place. The meat was super tender and just pulls very easily away from the bone. The rib sauce was very sweet but complimented the meat well. The sauce can get a bit much after a full portion of ribs though.

Since it was Saturday night, we were treated to a surprise. There was a fireworks display just out in the bay. Sooo pretty! But I was too busy stuffing my face with ribs to go take photos of it haha. All in all I thought this place is worth visiting and trying out especially the pork ribs and the caesar salad. Their steaks are also good but the ribs were just a bit better.

I'm Angus Steak House
The Promenade, Cockle Bay Wharf
Ph: (02) 9264 5822



Anonymous said...

I love the chalkboard detail and the ribs sound spectacular. I think I would've ordered those. Haha I would've been the same about the fireworks, they look nice enough but my focus is on the food in front of me!

chocolatesuze said...

mmm cow i looove the steak at im angus! charcoaly goodness =D

Anonymous said...

NQN - Yeah the walls are full of interesting info and entertaining pictures. The ribs were worth going back for more mmmmmm. Hee hee food>fireworks ^^!

ChocolateSuze - Haha talking about cow I want to try another place called 'Mad Cow'. Steaks were charcoaly goodness indeed!