Thursday, December 11, 2008

Adriano Zumbo Café Chocolat - Balmain, Sydney (3)

After being the only one to have been lucky enough to venture out to Balmain and into Zumbo territory, I just had to share the love others from my group. I had only been twice before with you other wonderful food bloggers ;) so I couldn't wait to show Pupu, Tomatosalsa and Kthxbye how beautiful and deliciously seductive his gateaux and desserts are.

First off is a stop at the patisserie, naturally!

Much good praise and clippings about Zumbo :)

This time I was lucky enough to meet Kai (of Have a Chat Kai!) as well as see good old Charles (of Charles du jour) again. They are both very friendly and helpful and always up for a good laugh. The Charles du jour was once again sold out already and apparantly there was no shameless self-promotion on Charles part too!

There were also some new gateaux that I have not seen or heard about before along with the classic ones of this summer range.

The new ones that look mighty temptin'! A must try next visit :)

Another one that I didn't see last visit with fellow food bloggers but read about in the brochure
We were like kids in a candy store... well technically we were kids in a pastry store but we were all excited by all the choice and prettily(?) decorated cakes ^^! After staring hard at each of the gateaux to determine which one is larger and tastier than the others we decided on these three :D

Tomatosalsa's choice

Kthxbye's choice

My choice (some say this suits me the best ;) )

A list of the macaroon flavours
After boxing up our choices and saying goodbye to our dear friends (the other gateaux that we didn't choose) we strolled up to the cafe where the second group of tough choices arose.

New truffles!

The only one I found out was the Mango & passionfruit one at the front. Should have got some but was too full afterwards haha
We asked the lovely staff to plate out choices from the patisserie, and ordered more desserts and drinks ^^!

Trident and butter knife ready to attack my dessert yummm ^^!

Here Comes the Food

Pupu's curry pie ( from patisserie)
We actually ordered a meat pie but we were given this curry pie instead. Even though this was not what we ordered we were still very very happy that we got this pie. The pastry was nicely puff and flakey while the filling had chunks of subtle curry vegetables and meat. According to Pupu, "One of the best pies I have ever had... maybe the best!"

Have a Chat Kai! ($7.80)
Beautifully fresh strawberries and lychee on top with a crunchy coconut layer and lychee jelly all wrapped up in a soft coconut cake. Absolutely delicious!

Sunny Cloud ($7)
It was a beautiful day and this was the perfect matching dessert with fluffy italian meringue and a lime zing to it. This will brighten up anyones day no matter what kind of weather it is outside :)

Zumbo the Kid ($7.50)
To be honest when I first saw this, I thought it would be a hard but it turned out to be surprisingly soft, gooey and totally divine. I love all parts of it from the PB creme legere, raspberry jelly, chocolate peanut glacage, peanut feullitine, flourless chocolate biscuit and vegemite bavaroise... even though I did not understand it at all! The vegemite was very subtle that I did not notice it straight away but there was the distinct yeasty taste to it. Pure genius ^^!

Butterscotch milkshake (left $6.50) and mint iced chocolate (right $7)
The butterscotch milkshake was veerrryyyy rich which meant that it was vveerrrryyy good! The sweetness just enhances and matches the desserts so very well. The mint iced chocolate consisted of dark chocolate so it was not very sweet but had a very refreshing mint taste unlike other mint drinks where the mint flavour is only a teeny bit.

Miss Marple Deconstructed ($13.50)
Wooowww the marscapone-filled caramelzied crepes were breathtaking. I only had a tiny bite of it at my first visit and I knew that I needed one of my own. Now that I had one I need to reiterate the fact that you do need to have this on your own because you won't want to share it! The fresh strawberry and orange jellies matched perfectly with the sweeter crepes and adding different textures and flavours.

Miss Marple Deconstructed Round 2 (the first one is the plate at the back)
Pupu was going to get The Younger Years but after a bite of mine she changed her mind to this one!

It's NOT a Hamburger ($13.50)
Kthxbye and Tomatosalsa we attracted to the fact of a giant macaroon and got It's NOT a Hamburger to share. Once again this is another brilliant combination of dulce de leche gelato sandwiched between giant chocolate macaroom pieces with banana caramel rice pudding and chocolate salt. There was also this wonderful blob of beautiful dark chocolate to accompany this dessert.

Unfortunately this is not a Round 2 photo :P

Guess who it is ^^!
No Zumbo experience is complete without running into other foodies there and it was pleasant coincidence that ChocolateSuze and Noods were there as well Yayy^^! *waves* I did this paparazzi shot because I didn't want to impose on them haha but it was great to see them again and have a small chat ^^! Now I wonder who we shall run into at the next visit!

We left the chocolat cafe all full and very content. I think Zumbo's magical pastries has recruited more fans now hee hee ;) This was espeically clear in Kthxbye as he was doing a Zumbo Dance on the way out :P

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Karen said...

Ooh went back already?! Just looking at the photos of the cakes we didn't see last time is making my heart beat!

Well it's official, food bloggers just can't stay away from Zumbos can they?

chocolatesuze said...

heh i look as if id just rolled out of bed lol

tomatosalsa said...

*zumbo zumbo dance*

yum. i want to go back and buy all one of everything!!

i saw photos of other ppl's macaroons and they all look different!

kthxbye said...

*zumbo zumbo dance* We must try zumbo's degustation, one of everything, followed up by round 2 :)

Belle said...

I think I was at the cake shop that day (oh wait, I'm there every day!). I got Zumbo the Kid too, and it was great. Nice pic of Charles and the Dude!

Anonymous said...

Karen - Hee hee had too! Missed out tasting sooo many of their desserts mmmmmm

Hee hee clearly we can't ;) and we should go again!

ChocolateSuze - Haha how can you tell :S? It's a back photo :P

Tomatosalsa - Hmm what you doing morrow haha ;) Yeh should try the macarooms esp the 'Finger bun'!

Kthxbye - Hahah will need some intense zumbo dancing after to burn off all those calories :P

Belle - Hee hee you are so lucky :P Love the kid mmmm melty goodness! Hee hee yeah Charles and Kai are awesome :)

Anonymous said...

Oh so that's what Kai looks like! LOL at the paparazzi shot and greta that you got pics of the the Yuzu and the Ed it's Twins!

Anonymous said...

NQN - Hee hee yup I didn't know that was Kai until Charles told me. We need to try out the new onesss they look very interestinnggg yummmm!