Sunday, October 5, 2008

Corn Exchange Restaurant at Four Points Sheraton - Sydney CBD, Sydney.

When the offer by Corn Exchange (which has now expired) of "one complimenary full buffet when another full buffet of equal or greater value is purchased by the MYER One member" was spotted by tomatosalsa, a gathering of friends was quickly formed, armed to the teeth with myer one cards, and we soon found ourselves on a Tuesday night kicking off early the festivities brought by the just-passed long weekend.

I have come to form the opinion that a 'good' buffet will present you with a wide variety of food that has certain gems which you fill your plate up with every visit to the buffet counter. Whilst at a 'great' buffet, you will find yourself spending more time outside of your seat exploring the different dishes hidden beneath the glistening-silver domes and having a difficult time deciding what to put on your plate.

As we are seated, the dining area is filled with patrons who are clearly also taking advantage of the limited time remaining on the offer. After scouting the selection is available, it soon became apparent that the seafood selection was the most appealing: a fresh selection of sashimi, oysters, scampi and assorted seafood salads. Furthermore, tomatosalsa informs us from her previous visit, that the creme brulee goes quickly and is one of the more popular desserts on offer.

Fresh Oysters: lovely and enjoyed with a pinch of lemon juice :)

After one of members of our party tried this and exclaimed how amazing it was; there was soon a rush of people to get some more for the group. It was thick, creamy, rich with pumpkin and flagrant with carrot. The ginger was added a warm-felt comfort and was received with welcome to battle the miserable weather.

Creme Brulee: Our plunder for the group (missing one or two). With more than enough individual servings for the group, I made haste with the unwanted double-ups and greedily consumed several (5) creme brulees in rapid succession. The custard-base was not as sweet as I would normally find, so there was no expected unwanted sugar-rush. However, it was still enjoyed by the other members of our group.

Peppermint Tea: Is it true that this can remove feelings of fullness? For me and others it appeared to work.
Cheese and crackers selection

Dessert Selection: at rare intervals throughout the night, creme brulee can be found on the empty line of trays. Clearly we weren't the only table that found that preferred this dessert.

After reviewing the shots that I'd taken from the night, I'm a disappointed in the small variety I can offer to our viewers. At the next buffet, except more shots of the food being offered!

Corn Exchange
161 Sussex Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
Telephone: 02 - 9290 4000
Email: sydney.f&



chocolatesuze said...

FIVE creme brulees? heh good effort!

Anonymous said...

Hhaha go the soup was sooo good but more food pics D? mass plates of prawns haha asian style :D

D said...

chocolatesuze - the mind said yesssssss; but the body said noooo

FFichiban - yeh man....seafood is what everybody fills up on :p

Anonymous said...

How much does it cost per person here?

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