Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pie Face - Sydney

Pie pie pie ^^! After seeing NQN's cute Halloween Goblin Pies I had a sudden urge for pies with amusing faces on them. Since she had not opened up a store selling her baked goods :( I had to settle for Pie Face. I had never tried Pie Face before but I have noticed it around because of the cute faces plastered around the store's entrance in Chatswood and city franchises.

Counter of pies and croissants

Counter of dessert pies, quiches and rolls

I am not a big coffee man anymore but these coffee faces were amusing hee hee. I especially like the "kick my arse!!!" one *insert Dave Chapelle ref*.

Who would have thought that different types of pies were just feeling different emotions.
After perusing the different cute faces I was immediately drawn by the confused face (:S) which is 'Steak injected with cheese sauce'.

Awesome take away box with fork holder! Brilliant!

I got my pie with mash, peas and gravy on top but I am not sure if it cost any extra. The mash and peas reminds me of pies from Harry's De Wheels but the bad thing about getting the extras at Pie Face is that it covers up the face and suffocates your pie! Well not really since they don't need to breathe -__-

Anyway back onto the pie I have to say it started very well but it was slightly disappointing. There were generous chucks of tender beef with a tasty gravy sauce inside the pie but I could not taste any cheese at all :S so I was either given the wrong pie or there is just only a smidget of cheese in the sauce that I could not detect. I am a very big cheese fan so I was quite unhappy with the lack of cheese.

Otherwise the mash was good and buttery but the peas were just a bit under par. I also got a mini dessert pie just for the road ^^!

:O ooohh special

Cute mini blueberry pie with a 'b' nose

The blueberry pie had my type of pastry, which is slightly moist, dense and crumbly. The blueberry filling is sweet with beautiful small drops of tinned blueberries but maybe just a little bit underfilled.

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Anonymous said...

Haha perhaps one day I'll open up a store with cute baked goods-well I can dream anyway! ;) I never realised that their pies had expressions, I just thought "Pie face" was supposed to be a cute name!

D said...

pies glorious piesssssssssssss!

I could go for one right about now...

foodie.jenius said...

haha...i love their presentation but the pies taste better from bourke st bakery... i just had one for lunch.... mmmm....

Anonymous said...

NQN - Hee hee I shall be awaiting the Grand Opening ;) Haha yeah it's for identification and the cuteness factor.

D - Haha finally back ehh you finished? I'd rather hit up PITS or another place tbh.

Foodie.Jenius - Hahah yeah mmmmm bourke st bakery how I miss thee but I have not tried their pies... I must visit!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

I have passed by many times but never tried...Oh my god ! after I saw the packaging in ur blog...I will definitely try it cute !

Anonymous said...

Bean Sprout's Cafe - Thanks for visiting and commenting :) Hee hee yeah the pies are cute ^^!