Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pie in the Sky (PIT Stop) - Cowan, Sydney

Pie pie pie pie...... PPIIIIEEEEE ^^! Hee hee no, I have not gone crazy but am just one of the nerdy lovers of Weebl & Bob (first cartoon EDIT: just watched again but there is no sound :( hopefully you guys do though). D brought to my attention of this great pie place after he read it at NQN, and being a pie-lover myself I was very excited about trying it out. What even made it more fun was that it was all the way up at Cowan which meant that we go for a nice little cruise with a bunch of friends.

Monkeyjaja taking some awesome moving shots.
It was a bright and warm day with the hint of summer as the rays of sunlight lovingly embrace us. We meet up nice and early, for a weekend that is ;), and set off in a 4-car convoooyyyy!

Here Comes the Food

Who's that asian taking photos :P?

This is a very very popular place indeed, especially with all the bikers!

They had a nice selection and variety of different pies, lucky we had a large group so we could all try something different :) Though some people were eyeing the same type and as there was only 1 left.. there was a bit of minor conflict and tension haha but in the end everyone was happy and full of pie ^^!

I apologize I did not get the inside photos of many of the pies as they were either too ugly and distorted from being half eaten

Chicken Honey & Mustard
The sauce was slightly sweet due to the honey but the flavours were very subtle. The chicken pieces were nice and tender and matches the sauce perfectly.

(Chicken) & Corn
Again the chicken were nice and tender pieces with few corn kernels scattered throughout the pie. (For the inside joke refer to tag of this pie 3rd photo above.)

Lamb, Honey & Rosemary
I must admit I have been on a lamb craze recently but this pie, for me, was the best of the all. Succulent and soft chunks of lamb with a sweet, sticky sauce and just the lightest of touches of rosemary.

Chicken & Mushroom
I didn't get to try this pie but from the happy munching sounds I heard this was a pie well worth fighting for. I love the little mushroom-shaped protrusion on the crust.

Lamb, Honey, Chilli & Garlic
Another awesome combination of flavours even though they were quite subtle. The chilli was mild but added a nice dimension to the pie.

Beef Burgundy
Big chunks of beef, which falls apart easily in the mouth, in a rich thick sauce. Another good choice but the beef was too lean in my opinion haha needs some marbling.

Chicken Satay
I don't remember this one too clearly but I think there was a very mild chilli with a subtle peanuty sauce.

Beef, Tomato & Onion
I did not try this one either but I love the cute little tomato poking its face out of the crust.

The sweet filling of blueberries is always welcome with a sugar sprinkled crust and soft, doughy pastry.

The same with the apple, with a small hint of tartness but mainly sweet and some parts come with a little bit of a crunch.

All in all the trip to Cowan is most definitely worth it for these pies. The combination of a flaky upper crust and softer bottom pastry encasing the sweet oozy filling is just heavenly.

The only problem I found was that the dessert pies were cool to warm so I was a bit disappointed. I usually eat pretty fast so it was not because it was sitting out too long and it was a pretty hot day too. They could also make the flavours a bit stronger but apart from these minor details this place is awesome.

Great food with great view/atmosphere and great friends.. Ahhh bliss!
So if anybody from Sydney is heading to PITS - when come back bring pie ^^!

We shall be going again for sure!!

Look for the pie... can you see it ;)?

Pie in the Sky
1296 Pacific Hwy
Cowan NSW 2081
Ph: (02) 9985 7018
Open 7 days
Monday to Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday to Sunday 8am-5pm



Anonymous said...

Oooh so glad that you liked them-the pies are really nice and the view is lovely. I really enjoyed the drive out there too (well as a passenger hehe). Did you see any kids selling produce on the side of the road? I loved stopping and buying stuff from them! :)

SoRMuiJAi said... many people were there eating those pies? hehe looks good though! I love my pies!

Anonymous said...

NQN - Hee hee thx for posting it fist so we know about it :) and the lamb pies mmmmm (but maybe cos of lamb craze). Must have missed the kids selling stuff though :S did you see any D?

Sormuijai - Thx for visiting and posting :) and we had a group of 7 people but some of us had 2-3 pies each. Pie pie pie XD!

D said...

nup, didn't see any kids selling produce ... maybe they don't rock up on Sundays >< .. or it was too dusty from the windy weather hehe

Leony said...

I loveeee piesss.... I used to eat 8 inches round apply pie by myself ( off course I divided the pie into : breakfast, lunch, and dinner portion haha). I wish I were there with you so I can try allllll !!

Anonymous said...

D - Ahh crazy dust covered kids (prob from us hahah).

Leony - OOohh yummyyy, with ice cream? Yes you shoudl come over so we can go on a pie run to all the different pie places hee hee :)

Anonymous said...

ahh so many pies ... have to add this place on my list to try ... hahaha

Anonymous said...

Adriandianablog - Fo sho! Hahah you should see my list... it is a bit ridiculously long -__-

Anonymous said...

omg we go there all the time!
glad u like teh pie
go weebl and bob!