Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rosso Pomodoro - Balmain, Sydney

Since I just missed bumping into Miss Honey, of The Delectable Delight, at Rosso Pomodoro I thought I should bump this up the list. Rosso Pomodoro is a nice cozy, quiet place in a residential complex area in Balmain. It means 'Red Tomato' in Italian so they have a cute little tomato replacing the last 'o'. From all the way at the T-intersection at the end of the road we could detect the red theme as the restaurant had a warm red glow to it and as soon as you enter it envelops you and takes you to a whole new atmosphere.

Red tomatos and a chilli painted on the floor

The specials board and other Italian artefacts which are very interesting to take a look at when you enter

Red, red and more red!
The staff here were polite and friendly, and the waiter who read out the specials to us had a Italian accent which was as rich as the red interior. I can see why Miss Honey was so taken with the staff hee hee. The atmosphere was warm and there were some interesting paintings hung up around well.

The female body is a thing of beauty ;)
Tomatosalsa and Kthxbye got into a discussion about which one were the best hee hee.

Fridge full of chhhheeessse and cured meats mmmm just wanna grab one and go munch!
After rechecking some of the toppings on the specials since the first waiter's accent was a slightly hard to understand at times as it was just a bit too seductively thick, we ordered. The service was prompt and we did not wait long before the food arrived.

Here Comes the Food

RossoPomodoro insalate ($15.50) - Italian Mozzarella, Roma tomatoes, baby spinach, olives and sundried tomatos
I think this was pretty steep for a salad but the flavours all mix wonderfully to create a fresh starter to this meal. The chunks of mozzarella were flavoursome and the rich tomatoes added a sweetness to the salad.

Jamon Iberico de Bellota
Once again I come across this beautiful cured meat but this time, the experience was quite the contrary of last time. All the rich tastes from the Jamon Iberico have been either cooked out or overpowered by the rest of the flavours in the pizza, which is mainly just Italian mozzarella. This ended up pretty tasteless and mediocre.

Valtellina Tartufata
The other specials pizza was the winner and highlight of the meal though. The slices of meat were actually thin slices of beef which was a bit surprising but there was a deep, rich truffle flavour from the truffle oil drizzled over the pizza.

Della Casa ($22) - Italian mozzarella, sausages, hot salame, baby spinach and shaved parmesan
The sausages were cut up into nice little chunks of tasty meat and the salame did pack quite a punch behind it. The baby spinach provided a nice crisp with each bite and being a cheese enthusiast, I loved the how the 2 types of cheese provided contrasting flavours.

Since we had dinner after dessert at Adriano Zumbo we didn't try any of the desserts here but they have some very tempting selections like a homemade tiramisu and a few others.

Just outside was this awesome lights display hee hee

Rosso Pomodoro Pizzeria
Shop 90-91, 24 Buchanan St
Balmain (White Bay)
Ph: (02) 9555 5924



Miss Honey said...

Unlucky to have missed you. I was quite surprised when I saw this place in the middle of all those apartment blocks, for a split second we thought we were in the wrong place lol.

I see what you mean about the paintings lol. If you have time, try Thai Pothong in Newtown - the paintings in the back almost make me blush, definitely not G rated...

Anonymous said...

Miss Honey - Hee hee but I guess it is a good thing for the people that live there so convenient!

Oooh wish I knew about Thai Pothong when I still went to uni since it was so close but shall check it out soemtime hopefully ;)