Monday, December 8, 2008

Burgerlicious - Sydney CBD, Sydney

A few months ago D and I had a dream, that dream was to make a burger run across the city of Sydney. We planned on going to all the burger joints we knew of, buy a burger or 2 from each place and compare them with each while gorging ourselves to near-death with saucy, meaty and cheesy goodness.

This plan has been delayed due to many reasons mostly just laziness so I've decided to do a little bit of research beforehand ;) You knoowww just to make sure the places are reasonable and worth going to hee hee :P

So I started off with one of my usual lunchtime craves during my Uni years, Burgerlicious. This may be a different franchise to the Newtown one that I am used to visiting but I was hoping for the same quality tasty burger.

Entertaining wall especially the chef baby flipping the burgers

The menu was overhauled a year or so back but mostly they just changed the names and adjusted some minor things. After reminiscing about my Uni years I opted for the Ceezar burger meal and soon afterwards Here Comes the Food.

Ceezar meal ($12.50) - grilled chicken breast fillet, tasty cheese, bacon, grilled egg, lettuce, semi-dried tomato and ceasar sauce
The meal comes with the choice between steak-cut chips, salad or half & half. The chips gave a very pleasant crunch and were super hot so you can tell they were freshly fried :)

The burger was actually a bit disappointing compared to my past experiences at the Newtown franchise. It just didn't have the same flavour explosion like the ones I had before or to put it in my Burgerlicious buddy's words, "an orgasm in the mouth".

The burger was still good with a beautifully grilled egg and tender chicken fillet but was not as special as the other ones. This could have been because it was near closing time but next time I want my Burgerlicious fix I am making sure it is from Newtown. There are many other yummy burger selections to make so I will need to do more scouting :) The Nachos are also a great choice though the large portion can be quite large but that is a very good thing ;)

On a miscellaneous note:
I have actually gone food crazy haha I am not just drooling at it, reading about it, dreaming about it but also playing it haha. The games I have on my NDS have literally been taken over by food as you can see from the list...
- Cooking Mama 2 - Dinner with Friends
- Cooking Guide - Can't Decide What to Eat
- Gourmet Chef - Cook Your Way to Fame
- Hell's Kitchen (Gordon Ramsay)
- What's Cooking with Jaime Oliver
- Iron Chef America - Supreme Cuisine

Burgerlicious - famour burgers & wraps
130 Liverpool St
Sydney, 2000
Ph: (02) 9264 4446

Other locations here



Anonymous said...

They look good-pity they were a bit disappointing :( Have you tried Benbry burgers in Manly? That's my favourite burger place (well aside from Plan B's Wagyu burger). The burgers are huge and the calamari is brilliant!

Miss Honey said...

I like the Burgerlicious in Newtown, where as much as I like meat, I really enjoy their vegetarian burgers as well. And the fish burger and nachos there aren't too shabby either:) Too bad the city store isn't as good.

tomatosalsa said...

have you tried burgerfuel in newtown? T and I passed it on our way to 'Splash Seafoods', and saw lots of people in there. The menu sounded very tasty too, which a few kicks here and there.

mae said...

Been on a rampant burger hunt since moving to Sydney 2 years ago. Have never tried Burgerlicious in Newtown.

Finally found a burger joint that would suffice (though I haven't tried the others like NQN's Benbry in Manly or Burgerfuel), and that's BiteMe Burgers. They've got a joint on Campbell Pde on Bondi Beach and Oxford St at Paddington. Albeit a little pricey, I find their burgers almost as good as the ones I get in London. :P

Annie said...

LOL - that's funny about your video games! Yay to you for admitting it! I now have burger cravings so will have to try and find a good one somewhere!

Howard said...

Burgers are so expensive these days -_-

I think Plan B (Becasse) make a good Wagyu burger .... must try!

Anonymous said...

NQN - Normally BL is quite reliable but just that time :( Yup we went on to Benbry thx to your post hee hee ;) and shall post that up soon! The calamri is awesommmee and so was the wasabi mayo ^^! yummmm I have only been Plan B once but I remember it was very very good esp the brioche bun.. but only a bit small haha

Miss Honey - Ooh never tried the vege burgers for BL but I usually get the Burger Fuel Tofu Combustion!! (awesome burger AND name :P) Yeahh shall def hit the Newtown one up for a post next time :)

Tomatosalsa - Hee hee yup Buger Fuel actually replaced BL as my usual Burger joint when it first opened and I still go for the yummy tofu combustion! and the bastard haah and omg they have brilliant kumara fries with aioli ^^!

Mae - Hee hee yay for burger hunting :D I think BiteMe is next on my to try list cos I have read much about it but never tried!

Annie - Hee hee nerdiness +10... and I always have a craving for burgers hee hee go forth and research ^^!

Howard - Haha thats true but so worth it for these gourmet burgers. If I want cheap burgers I go for hungry Jacks yummm ^^! Yeah must go back to Plan B and try the sausage roll as well cos last time they were sold out!

Sara said...

I stumbled across Burgerlicious in the Sydney CBD not long ago (when lost, and wanting to get out of the rain), and fell in love with their cheeseburgers. Definitely an 'orgasm in the mouth'.
Without a doubt the best cheeseburger I've ever had.
Looking forward to going back to Sydney whenever I get the chance and getting more.