Thursday, December 4, 2008

Max Brenner - St Ives, Sydney

Mmmm even the poster is tasty.. well tomatosalsa thinks so!
EAT MORE CHOCOLATE... says a giant poster, and me being very obliging and easily persuaded I give in to the welcoming warmth of Max Brenner Chocolate Bar. We have some pretty crazy chocoholics on our group and Max Brenner is one of our favourite spots to meet up, chill and of course eat dessert!

The St Ives Max Brenner has brilliant atmosphere with warm lighting and if you get the cushy seats along one of the walls then you are very lucky or very patient as this place is usually packed at the prime desserting times. There is a huge range of drinks and desserts to choose from as well as gift shop area to buy chocolates and other chocolate-related goodies. Another bonus is that this place closes relatively late so when the tummy calls for something sweet it can be answered :)

Lots of goodies to include including pralines (If you have a Max Brenner card buy 10 hot drinks and get a free box of 4 pralines or a Suckao drink. I recommend the pralines because they are really yummy!)

Many different yummy flavours
There are also many other decorative quotes and objects scattered around the chocolate bar.

Giant chocolate wells swirling melted milk and white chocolate
The pipes lead around via the roof to behind the counter but they are only decorative. If they were really used for transporting chocolate that would be pretty awesome. The metal arms constantly swirl to keep the chocolate looking irresistibly silky smooth.

Hee hee

The person who said this is WEAK! Weak I say! hee hee
But soon we were no longer focused on the entertianing walls because Here Comes the Food.

Chocolate Lick ($2.20) you personal pot of pure melted chocolate
I may miss the days when only a shiny gold coin found in a random back pocket or at the bottom of your backpack is needed to purchase this pot of pure pleasure but it is still worth it. For this item the name says it all, lick the pot as clean as possible! Though I would not since it is bad etiquette and the thought of other people have licked this pot is quite unpleasant haha.

Tutti-Frutti Waffle (one $12/ two $16) warm belgian waffles drizzled with pure melted chocolate, served with ice cream, strawberries and bananas.
Belgian waffles are always good but they are even better when they are accompanied by fresh fruit, ice cream and a chocolate drizzle! Crunchy and warm they are a sure winner but personally I think maybe the Lindt Cafe waffles are a teeny tiny bit better. I think I shall need to get them and eat them all in one sitting to come to a final decision though :S

Hot drinks are served in these awesome HugMugs which are perfect in winter.

These are soo cute but a bit small for me haha I still want some though :D

Chocolate with Crunchy Waffle Balls ($5.50) choice of white/milk/dark
This is quite a popular choice among the group as the little waffle balls do provide a pleasant chocolatey crunch with each sip.

They are quite generous with the numbers of waffle balls you get so there is plenty to spoon out and eat. The hot chocolate is also of good quality even though the dark can be pretty dark so it is quite void of any sweetness.

Mint Chocolate ($5.50)
Minty freshness and chocolate is and will always be a classic combination. You can still see the mint powder in this one tsk tsk not mixed in properly! But that was probably because it was a busy night.

Choctails are served in this brilliant and cute Alice cup.

Now who can deny that... It is asking us to drink it!

This cute theme is from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Cookieshake ($7) - white chocolate, cookies and caramelized pecans
Sounds like a dream and sure tastes like one too! Beautiful combination of flavours all blended together to form a tall, cool summer drink.

Peanut Butter Iced Chockie ($7)
You guys should all know that I am a sucker for the PB and choc combo. Anything with these 2 flavours together (or apart and I can physically combine them) will cause me to melt and succumb to its will. Sometimes there is a huge chunk of tasty PB in the drink but other times they blended it too well but everytime this drink puts me on a peanuty chocolate high ^^!

Max the bald man makes everyone happy ^^!

Making sure each drop of precious ice cream is used hee hee

Pupu's excellent cleaning skills (without licking :P)

NOTE: D is on a special eating holiday of Japanland whheeee (damn him I want to go too haha) so expect some awesome o/s reviews and a special 10-page, in-depth post on Japanese toilets ;)

Other chocolatey fixes:
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Guylian Cafe - The Rocks
Adriano Zumbo Café Chocolat - Balmain, Sydney (2)

Max Brenner
Shop 1, 235 Mona Vale Rd
St Ives, Sydney 2075
Ph: (02) 9988 0700
Opening Hours:
Mon - Thurs 0900 - 2230

Fri - Sat 0900 - midnight
Sun 1000 - 2230

Other Max Brenner locations here.



NQN said...

I love the chocolate lick, that's my poison! I always find that it just enough chocolate for me to feel sated. And $2.20 now? Aww the $2 coin fix felt so good.

tomatosalsa said...

"We have some pretty crazy chocoholics on our group"
- lalalala...

tell me what to order from lindt if i were to go there. i've been twice, both times were drinks - and both times have been quite disappointing.

max on the otherhand, never disappoints :)

FFichiban said...

NQN - Hee hee the lick is good but I usually crave the beautiful and oozey souffle yuuummmmmmmmm.. soo good!

Tomatosalsa - Clearly from the first pic ;)

Tbh I have not been to Lindt in agggeess but all I remember is a brilliant waffle.. not too sure on drinks hmm lets goo sometime :)?!?!

Miss Honey said...

I'll have to try the PB iced choccie....mmm peanut butter; I seem to always get the Giant Truffle when I'm at Max Brenner, I'm on a neverending mission to Actually Finish It lol.

K said...

the waffles look really yummy!! makes me crave chocolate!!

Y said...

Hehe what a funny first photo!

FFichiban said...

Miss Honey - Oh gogooggoog it really is brilliant :) Hee hee I have never tried the Giant Truffle but I shall next time now!

K - Hee hee then my mission is complete ^^!

Y - RAR she ruined my photooo!!! haha jkjk