Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cupcake's Xmas Feast

After a long posting hiatus I think a Christmas post is a good one to revitalize this blog ^^!

Merry Christmas everyone!!
Christmas time is definitely celebration time and what is the best means of celebrating? Through food, food and more food of course! A big thanks to Cupcake for inviting us to a Bring-a-dish feast! It was great fun and great food from all who came, and we ate till we were stuffed... then ate some more! Especially with all the tasty desserts mmmmmm. One problem with a feast like this is that I tend to eat too much and ignore my duties as cameraman haha so I have left out a few dishes like en.elle's Mi goreng :P (which was actually an Italian pasta dish) , D and C's Greek/Mediterranian salad and a few others I think :S

but enough talk because Here Comes the Food.

You really do lean something everyday. I found out that the Asian turning table thingy was actually called a Lazy Susan. Thank you Susan for being infamously lazy and coming up with this turning-table thingy :)

These delicious little bites were one of Cupcakes many tantalizing desserts! Yuummmmmmm ^^! Best part was we got to take some home as well :D

Tomato salad
D and C realised that they had too many tomatoes so made a tomato salad along with their Greek/Mediterranian one. They also added some balsamic vinegar to this which made it well-balanced between sweetness and sourness.

For those who are uneducated in the ways of the Meatcake please read up SuperSized Meals. Just search for meatcakes and many many mmmaaanny entries would pop up hee hee. This was Cupcake's second meatcake that I know of (First one was actually my B'day Present ^^!) and it was just as delicious with a harmony of mince, peas and carrots smothered in mash potatoes and finally topped off with cheese before reheating. Yummmmeatcakkkee!

Bake bake bake

Oven Bake Corn Flake Crumb Chicken
Pupu and I got this recipe from SGCC so big thanks to her for this tasty crunchy and juicy drumstick recipe. As you can see my crumbing skills were lacking either that or I missed a crucial step in how to make the crumb stick to the chicken :( I used creamy evaporated milk so maybe that caused for the poor crumbing :( But the recipe was really really delicious and a must try!

That is not my oven mitt.... unfortunately haha

Curry puffs/triangles
This was tomatosalsa's tasty contribution - curry puffs/triangles! Mild in spiciness so it was enjoyed by all but still with a rich curry flavour oozing from the centre with each bite. She used filo pastry so it doesn't really puff up.

Ham, avocado, tomato and lettuce puff

Smoked salmon, lettuce and corn cracker

Pesto Penne Pasta
Dannythemanny and V brought us some very appetizing starters and a wonderful pasta dish that was tasty either cold or hot. The crispy texture of the puff matched well with the creamy avocado and squirt of tomato flavour while the penne sprinkled with semi-dried tomatoes and spinach leaves was refreshing and left the pesto flavour swirling around our mouths.

Decadent brownies and luscious mixed berry cheescake

Brownie with 'snow sugar'
Beautifully moist and rich, Cupcake's brownies are definitely some of the best I have ever tasted. She is one of the reasons for my experimenting in the kitchen after all haha. Oh thank you great Sensei!

Mixed Berry Cheesecake
C's cheesecake was so good that she actually made 2 the night before but kept one for herself!!! The crumbly dark base balanced well with the thick and rich creamy cake. The fruits were a big bonus and added a pleasant berry injection.

Sticky Date Pudding

My first piece... out of 3 or so?

Cupcake's Sticky date Pudding was absolute bliss! Soft, sticky and sweet, I was floating to heaven with each bite of the warm pudding and cool ice cream. I could have eaten the whole dish by myself if there wasn't this concept of sharing... :P

Cupcake also just got back from Vietnam where she got the special poopy coffee beans for quite a reasonable price there. These beans have been ingested by weasels, where they undergo some special reaction to enhance the flavour of them. Once they pass through their systems, they are cleaned (hopefully many times and properly) and then sold in precious bags.

Weasel poop coffee beans

I am not a coffee expert since I don't drink coffee anymore but the other fellow feasters were quite impressed with this type.

Thanks again to everyone and especially Cupcake for this great Xmas feast XD! Hope everyone out there had delicious meals and Happy New Year!



NQN said...

Great spread! Haha I might invite myself next time (just kidding :P). I've made those chicken drumsticks before and they're so good! Thanks for reminding me that I should make them again. Maybe a double or triple dip is needed for more crumbage?

I've heard about those coffee beans, sometimes Jacu birds poop them out too? Never tried them though although I'd love to.

Y said...

Haha to the meatcake!

Helen (AugustusGloop) said...

Yum. Such a comprehensive array of dishes! Love the meatcake and I've always wanted to try those coffee beans. They're meant to have a smoother flavour?

Howard said...

Mate thats alot of food! Hope you had a great xmas.

The sticky date pudding mmm, one of my favourites especially with Vanilla ice cream!

FFichiban said...

NQN - Thhxx ^^! You are more than welcome especially with your great dishes ;) Yeah maybe a thicker/sticker coating of evaporated milk? Or would condensed milk work haha?

Hee hee poopy beans were pretty fragrant with a rich aroma and taste :)

Y - Meatcake is awesome ^^! Try it ;)

Helen(AG) - Yup yup but could always do with more ;) I am not too sure about the flavour compared to others, but maybe one of the others can answer that question?

Howard - Haha yeah at the end my stomach was crying out in pain but my eyes and mouth kept wanting more and more!

Sticky date pudding was sooooooo good + vanilla ice cream and extra toffee sauce ^^!

Miss Honey said...

The meatcake looks fun!! Wow for the the sticky date pud, I can almost taste the thick sticky sauce lol.

FFichiban said...

Miss Honey - Meatcakes are brilliant! You should make one ;) and ommgzz that sticky date pudding.. am craving mooorree!

Karen said...

Wow...loved the array of food! I hope you stuffed yourself silly! Btw those lovely pink oven mitts would've looked good on you!

TaGa_Luto said...

Wow! what an array of "deliciousness". I wish i was there to partake and share some of my food as well!
Yup, i love lazy susan ha!ha! you can actually buy a little version of those for your cupboard or pantry to stock your frequent used condiments or what nots. Here in the U.S it's readily available at any kitchen or organizer store.
Belated Merry Christmas and Wonderful New Year!!!

FFichiban said...

Karen - Haha we sure did... sooo full! Hahah thhx -__-

Taga_Luto - OOh wow a mini version sounds like what I need next to my bed or something for snacks haha!