Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kohya - Neutral Bay, Sydney.

There’s nothing quite like the warm fuzzy sensation you get when it’s torrentially pouring outside; whilst the smoky scent of tables barbequing meat seeps into your skin. Koh-ya is one of the affiliates of the I’S Holdings group with a menu akin to Suminoya; differing in having a more relaxed atmosphere of dining, situated in the North Shore and a fractionally cheaper price range (which is not large enough to notice). However, with the price difference this has lead to a variation in meat offered in the buffet including the absence of certain salads and the favoured meat by FFichiban and myself: beef rib finger.

Old school bikes are displayed around the walls of the inside-dining area (there’s also an outside dining area but it was pouring and thus had leaks here and there).

Here Comes The Food

Beef tongue is unlimited; which is a huge plus as most places don’t offer this (limiting one plate per person) as well as the fact that after sampling most of the meat dishes; it’s actually the better one in my opinion. Springy and cut at the right thickness such that it doesn’t take long to be snatched off the grill and into the mouth.

An assortment of chicken and beef harami which weren’t entirely that great in terms of quality. The meat tasted and also looked like the kind you would pick off the shelf of woolies or coles that is discounted and expiring in a day or two.

Sunny Lettuce with Miso Dip: when the taste of cooked meat repetitively consumed is just a little too overwhelming; simply wrap it up in the lettuce and dunk it in the miso dip; it’s like a yakiniku sandwich.

To turn the sandwich into a sammich top it off with some heat up some corn in butter and garlic in butter, throw in some rice too and it you’ll find yourself making one after the other addictively.

happily simmering away - don't overcook it though.

Yukke: when did a raw egg and raw beef ever taste so good? The sticky yolk when mixed with the meat fuses the flavours together such that it sweetens marinated beef even further.

Cold Soba: it’s a bit too stringy and the strands of noodles are cut short leading me to think they’ve either re-used noodles or simply cut costs and gave shorter noodles ><

What to do with the excess garlic – create your own beef tongue wraps.

When I asked for 12 scoops of green tea ice cream to be shared amongst our group; the manager returned asking me was I sure, which I replied with certainty that I was (the usual order at Suminoya). However, when the ice cream was brought we only received 8, with the waitress saying we had to finish those first before we go any more.

A hidden challenge! We took it up with no difficulty and were awarded our prize…4 more cups of delicious green tea ice cream full of creamy goodness.

Shop 1, 9-17 Young Street
Neutral Bay
Ph: 9904 5036
12:00pm - 3:00pm
(Last Order 2:30 pm) / Sat&Sun
6:00pm - 10:30pm (Last Order 9:30pm) / Mon & Wed - Sun



bebi.j said...

hey there~ beef tongue + green tea ice cream looked great!!! was dat place $$$?

Howard said...
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Howard said...

I previously said this place looked like Suminoya, well duh because it is.

I remember we ate so much here that we got sick. I have never woken up the next morning still being able to smell what I ate last night. It's nasty, but sadly true lol.

I recall the Wagyu being reallllly nice.

Anonymous said...

Hehe so hang on, how many were there in your group that asked for 12 ice creams? I can see two of you mentioned. Does that mean there were 2 of you so 6 cups per person :0 :lol:

Miss Honey said...

Haha I was just at the Kohya up here in Cairns the other night! I've never been to the Sydney one but have always planned to since I've always had a good time at the one up here. I love the mentai mayo rice:D