Sunday, December 14, 2008

Flying Fajita Sistas - Glebe, Sydney (2)

FFS!! Nope, I am not raging at the world, I am just exclaiming my delight at visiting Flying Fajita Sistas again for some of Mexican goodness. We had some pleasant past experiences dining at this place so it sort of required another visit.

This time I rocked up without a reservation so the only seats available were in the open courtyard out the back. It was a very serene atmosphere, sitting there as the sun lowered and set. It was a bit more quiet compared to the hustle and bustle happening inside so perfect for chilling and relaxing. They also provided a roll-on mosquito repellent which I thought was rather considerate.

The only other spare table that was quickly filled up

Here Comes the Food

There were some interesting Mexican beers which I have not heard or tried before so time to do some research ^^! I am sure people are faimilar with the popular Mexican beers like Corona and Sol and this one was pretty similar to the other two in that they are light and easy to drink.

Red Pig Mexican Ale
This one is an ale but it was surprisingly sweet. A bit too sweet for my taste but it was not bad and it has a cool name/logo hee hee.

Negra Modelo
This one was a bit more darker but had a subtle sweetness to it and matches Mexican food well in my opinion.

Once again we started off the nachos to share, but this time with a combination of the Achiote pulled pork and the ropa vieja (shredded beef). The nachos were nice and crunchy and the meat were sweet and tender. This dish may not be the best one to share as you end up fighting for the last few precious nachos hee hee.

Enchiladas with Ropa Vieja
The enchiladas were beautifully grilled in the oven so that the cheese covered tortillas were melted perfectly and once again the shredded beef was sweet and tender. The black beans are a classic Mexican side but I think I prefer the beans at Montezuma's. The salad was fresh and tasty with a aromatic drizzle of olive oil.

Burritos with sweet chipotle chicken
The tortilla wrapped burrito was fresh and tasty.

Chimichanga with Achiote pulled pork
The crunchy quick fried tortilla was a combination fo magical flavours and textures. Crispy on the outside but the inside is the sweet meat. I can tell why this is Muy popular!

Backup chilli stock for when the Wall of Pain runs out?
Sooo muuch deathhhh... but so good!

Previous FFS moment:
Flying Fajita Sistas - Glebe, Sydney

Flying Fajita Sistas
65 Glebe Point Rd
Glebe, 2037

Ph: (02)9552 6522
Open 6pm til Late, Tuesday to Sunday ($3 taco tuesdays!)



Miss Honey said...

I love this place, have yet to be seated in the courtyard though, looks good:) Now that it's summer, I prefer to be seated outside if the weather is nice anyway:D

Anonymous said...

The courtyard is a good place to be seated I think as upstairs is muy noisy! Haha at nachos sharing/fighting, I love that pulled pork filling so I would've fought for the last bits of that :P

Anonymous said...

Miss Honey - Yeah that's true enjoy the outside weather as long as it is not too hot hee hee.

NQN - Ooh haven't been upstairs yet but might take a peek next time hee hee. Yeah the pork is tastyyy yummm ^^!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

yummm!!! I love enchiladas...this reminds me to visit my favorite mexican place in soho ^_^

Proteinnerd said...

I cant believe you have been twice and not tried the Fajitas!! They are amazing. Take a few friends and for $35 each you get the nachos and Fajita combo...the perfect meal.