Sunday, December 7, 2008

Essen - Broadway, Sydney

Before we made our merry way to GFM Sugar Hit: Radisson, we celebrated my friends B'day by having dinner at Una's on broadway only to find out that they have changed their name to Essen. I had only been to Una's twice before but I have fond memories of tasty schnitzels, and the best potato rosti I had ever tasted.

Greeted by a cow bell
Since there was a blackboard outside stating that the menu was the same I waited eagarly for the potato rosti that I liked so much.

Wall of different liquors

Again another Specials board which I neglected until after I finished my meal even though it was right above our heads and I most likely took this photo before our meal
There was a cozy atmosphere with lots of cheeful chatter going on around the whole restaurant. There are little decorations all around the place to keep us entertained, along with a tree in the middle of the back room which was interesting. The staff were friendly and even though out orders ended up a little mixed up they were quite accommodating and helpful.

Here Comes the Food

Crumbed Mushrooms with herbed mayonnaise ($7.50)
The approving nods from my fellow diners assured me this was a decent choice but a bit steep for mushrooms.

Cabbage Salad (comes with all schnitzels)
A pleasant little side, with pepper and spices on top but is a little bit greasy.

Wiener Schnitzel ($18) with Jaeger sauce - a creamy demi glace style sauce with mushroom
The sizing was done very badly as the fork was closer to the camera :( what a n00b!
The schnitzels were still excellent with the creamy Jaeger sauce it was nowhere near dry or crusty. The crisp exterior always gives a pleasant crunch with each bite and there is a hearty portion of schnitzel on each plate. The potato rosti, on the other hand, was a bit disappointing. It did not give the same pleasant taste or texture as we last had it but it still made a nice side to the meaty slab.

Chicken Schnitzel ($18) with Jaeger sauce - a creamy demi glace style sauce with mushroom
Pretty much the same as the veal just a different meat.

Swiss bratwurst ($19) - white sausage with veal and pork, served with sauerkraut and rosti
Cannot go wrong with sausages yumm big, plump and juicy.

Wurst topf ($21) - Csabai, Bratwurst and Weisswurst served with bread dumpling, sauerkraut and gravy
I did not get to try this dish but the bread dumpling looked very interesting and the different sausages reminds me of the sausage platter from Lowenbrau.

Farm Fresh Duck ($25.50) - Oven roasted and glazed served with bread dumpling, braised red cabbage and jus
There doesn't appear to be much glaze or duck jus but the meat fell of the bone nicely and was tender though a little bit dry. I also love red cabbage and it was done very nicely here.

Grain fed Sirloin Steak ($24.50) - 300g of prime beef served with potato rosti, caramelized onion and beetroot
Stteaakkkkk! I really need to visit another steak house soon haha haven't been to one for a while. Anyone been to Chophouse?

Cordon Bleu ($21) - Pork fillet filled with smoked ham and aged cheddar cheese
I could not really taste the ham but there was a slight cheesiness to this schnitzel.

Vegetable Strudel ($20) - A mix of seasonal vegetables with feta cheese and cumin served with mixed leaves and crushed tomato sauce
For the vegetarian of our group this strudel was very filling and tasty. Big chunks of fresh vegetables rolled allow with cheese in pastry and a tomato sauce is a brilliant combination.

Although the name of this place has changed not much else has, the same warm atmosphere, good food and friendly staff but the main problem was the rosti was disappointing rarr :( Hopefully that was a one off so next time I expect good rosti :)

Other German goodies:
Stuyvesant's House - Crows Nest, Sydney

Essen Restaurant & Beer Cafe
133-135 broadway
Ultimo 2007
Ph: (02) 9211 3805



Simon Food Favourites said...

great timing as i'll be soon checking out the German-Australian Club for their pork knuckle although German food seems to be very hard to photograph nicely I find. it's a challenge!

Anonymous said...

Ooh they changed their name? I wonder why, the food looks exactly like Una's! It's making me hungry too-damn you :P

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

This restaurant is just in front of my house... Pass by everyday since it was Una's. Still haven't tried yet.. must be there soon. Thanks for review

Anonymous said...

Simon Food Favourites - Ooh looks like a place worth trying out :) Can't wait for the review.

NQN - Yeah I had no idea until I turned up at the front door and went :S haha well now you know how I feel when I read your blog ;)

Bean Sprout's Cafe - Oohh lucky you, you are walking distance hee hee :) try it out sometime!

K said...

the bratwurst and duck looks really yummy! i must go try it one day ^^

Annie said...

I just noticed the name change today - strange! Jaeger schnitzel is always a good choice, although I do find I always look for spatzle on the menu at German places and just order that regardless of what meat it comes with!

Anonymous said...

K - Hee hee yup please do try!

Annie - Hee hee yup I love the Jaeger yummm! Oohh spatzle is also good but I didn't check of they had it :S Yeah I could eat it anytime as well ^^!