Friday, December 5, 2008

Home Cooking - Simple Brekkie Hash

This is the simple, easy and quick breakfast for a lazzzzyyyy Sunday, and I mean a really really lazy Sunday. I ended up eating this as brunch cos I woke up 1130 or so. This recipe is actually bits and pieces of recipes from Nigella Feasts that I have fused together as they were awesome ideas (and because they were the only parts I remembered -__-)

Start off with some fresh tomatoes and chop them up into 8 chunks each.

I had bought some B B prosciutto from David Jones Food Hall yum ^^! Slice or snip these bad boys up into manageable mouth-sized pieces. (On another note DJ food hall also sell these decadent slices of beef tongue that can be eaten right there and then. Pure bliissss as we ended up getting a whole stack full of them mmmm)

Combine in another bowl a couple of eggs and a generous amount of cheese. I used slices of Bega Tasty as I did not have a block of Chedder :( but still good.

Fire up the panto medium high heat and lightly oil it. Put the prosciutto onto the heat and panfry until just brown and crisp on both sides, which should not take very long as they are quite thin. Take them off and put them on a spare plate, then put the tomatoes onto the heat. Sizzle these tomatoes for a few minutes, add the prosciutto back onto the pan and then add the egg/cheesey mixture. Turn off the heat at this point and just let the pan soft cook the eggs.

Not really a pretty dish but it is easy, simple and delicious. The prosciutto already adds quite a lot of saltiness to the dish so do not really need to season more, just a grind of black pepper should do the trick. Also a few slices of soft, thick bread is also recommended for wiping up the juices.

Other mods to this can be:
- sauces (worcestershire, bbq, tomato etc)
- add bacon or chopped sausages
- add potatoes or mushrooms
- more cheese for a cheese-induced coma

So as a breakfast or a late night post-outing munch this really does the trick :)



Anonymous said...

That looks so delicious, especially the last pic where the proscuitto looks so nicely arranged!

Karen said...

Oh yum I love breakfasts like these (how can you go wrong with eggs and salty pork products?!). You're welcome to make it for my brekkie anyday :)

Mochachocolata Rita said...

wawwwwwww....bacon, eggs, cheese...SOLD!

Anonymous said...

NQN - Hee hee thxxx, that was al naturale ;)

Karen - Big and hearty breakfast ^^! Hee hee

Mochachocolata Rita - That's what I thought too when I first saw it hee hee mmmmm cheeseeee

Annie said...

Yum! I haven't had brekkie yet and now I'm thinking I want this!!! I've sent you an award and a meme,

Miss Honey said...

I'll be adding potato for those late nights/early mornings:)

Anonymous said...

Annie - Thx very much hee hee! Oohh this meme asks a lot, I'll need to think about what to write!

Miss Honey - Hee hee the more ingredients the merrier!