Friday, October 24, 2008

SMH GFM Sugar Hit: Radisson - Darling Harbour, Sydney

Yay! I finally join the my fellow Sydney bloggers in posting about Sugar Hits :D A small group of us decided to hit this Sugar Hit after a big celebratory birthday dinner at Essen's (soon to come), previously known as Una's at Broadway.

We went for a little walk and ended up at Radisson Hotel and Suites. I like the warmly lit lobby and atmosphere to the Brasserie with the blue aura emitting from the bar. The only aspect that was out of place was the music being played and the cricket on the tv but apart form that all is good.

Hee hee one happy waiter :)
The staff here are very friendly and accommodating as we did not have a reservation. The place was actually quite empty but one flambouyant waiter managed to keep us all entertained with small talk, jokes and some singing/dancing hee hee.

Brown Brothers Rose
We were welcomed with a glass of Brown Brothers Rose which provided a refreshing and bubbly feeling resonating throughout the body with every sip. The sweetness matches nicely with the desserts that we were about to have and the alcohol was barely noticeable.

Another disappointing part of the meal was when a laminated sheet of plastic was given to us with the description of the desserts on it. It just seemed a bit tacky and low-brow. I personally prefer the wait staff to describe each of them to us instead haha (call me snobby).

Asian-style menu description -_-
But soon I my attention was diverted away form the sheet as Here Comes the Food.

Surprice & Delight - Trio of Gajjar Halva with Yogurt and Cream sauce, "King of Pudding" Watalappan (Creme Brulee) with Palm sugar and Mixed Berry Romanoff with Rose double cream.
I started off with the Romanoff and I was in for a very pleasant surprice indeed! The cream and berry jam mixed perfectly to create a very sweet combination and topped off with a sweet fresh strawberry. I recommend leaving this for last as it was the sweetest and the best in my opinion hee hee.

The "King of Pudding" Watalappan had the best name of the three but it carried a very heavy asian taste that I cannot put my tongue on. It might just have been the palm sugar but I don't think it was. The texture is similar to that of a flan so it was nice and smooth in the mouth. It was an interesting dessert to experience but I would not order it again.

The Gajjar Halva is a combination of carrot, yogurt, spices and crushed pistachio. The grated carrot made it a refreshing dish but it was not very sweet. Another interesting dessert but not on my preference list.

Radisson Hotel and Suites
One on 1 Brasserie
72 Liverpool St
Darling Harbour, Sydney
Ph: (02)8268 8888



Anonymous said...

Interesting mix of desserts, I admit the Radisson's offering didn't really appeal to me but good to see a review of it!

I agree, laminated menus are a bit declassé...

Anonymous said...

NQN - Yeah it was very interesting and I am curious to try new things :) Laminated menus... -__-