Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Guylian Cafe - The Rocks

I may be one cafe late but I have finally entered the splendid and wonderful house of the Guylian Cafe. After reading and drooling over the recounts of fellow foodbloggers' experience at the Circular Quay branch I thought I might sneak into the new one at the Rocks just to be a bit different :) Fortunately NQN told me which day it opened or I might have been welcomed by a closed sign but on Monday evening Pupu and I made our way there and was welcomed by the amusing bubble chandelier and friendly staff.

Everything looks brand-spanking new ^^!

From the photos of the Circular Quay branch I have seen, this one looks pretty much identical with only the layout being different.

Cakes and other goodies in the counter

More yummy looking cakes

truffles truffles truffles

Mini slices of heaven.... which come in different %'s!

This would make a good present :) From me to me ^^!

This is made of plastic but one can dream...

I love Guylian chocolates, from the cute oceanic shapes to the sandy texture of the chocolate. This is the type of chocolate that you must let melt in your mouth to truly experience it properly.

I like the lighting and the ridging on the wall

Pupu and I decided to share a drink but for desserts we had to order 2 to try and cover as much ground as possible each trip we make. Our waitress seemed a bit nervous but she was very friendly and had a few recommendations for us. It was a pretty tough choice to pick 2 desserts from the list but we had to start from somewhere so Here Comes the Food.

Guylian Dark Hot Chocolate
A tidy little block of dark chocolate very slowly melting in the warm cup accompanied by a small jug of hot chocolate. The hot chocolate was not bad but only because it had a block of melted chocolate in it, otherwise it seemed a bit too much like powdered hot chocolate. I would have liked it a bit thicker and hotter but it had the right sweetness and chocolatey-ness. I was a bit disappointed that we did not get a complimentary caramel crunch chocolate like NQN did on her visit :(

Guylian Tiramisu ($14.50)
This tiramisu was beautifully light and fluffy and everything just came together very well. The espresso syrup soaked sponge ladyfinger had a crumbly but sticky texture and mixed beautifully with the creamy marscapone sabayon. The droplets of raspberry coulis were also a wonderful addition for both the eyes and the mouth. There were also a few small pieces of chocolate covered biscuit/cereal on top which added a nice crunch.

Belgium Waffles with Chocolate Dip (Aztec 60%)
OOohh hheeyyy, its waffle time, its waffle time, won't you have some waffles of minnnneee :D Yay to all the other Scrubs fans out there ^^! If your not you should be hee hee (waffle link). Anyway back to the waffles! I really liked the waffles here as they had a slightly doughy interior but a crispy exterior to balance it out. The Aztec chocolate had a rich taste but a hint of other spices in it if I am not mistaken. It also formed a soft shell around the ice cream after being poured on which added to the fun factor (like ice magic ^^!) All in all we found the waffles to be better than Max Brenner but maybe not as good as the Lindt Cafe one but I shall need to refresh my Lindt one as I have not been there in a very long time. I know I will be getting the waffle again the next time I come to Guylian though :)

Sorry to spoil all the chocolatey mood but we spied this odd children's book in the window of the bookshop a few doors down. It looks quite interesting :S

Other chocolatey cafe:
San Churro Chocolateria - Glebe, Sydney
Adriano Zumbo Café Chocolat - Balmain, Sydney

Guylian Cafe

91 George St
The Rocks, Sydney 2000
Ph: (02) 8274 7500



Karen said...

Hehe Walter the Farting Dog....now I'm, going to have to find it and read it!

Oh and the cafe is great too. I love Guylian and its melty hazelnut praline. This cafe is def next on my agenda!

D said...

omg it's 1:35 am and that scrubs clip made me lol ! :D

Mochachocolata Rita said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god! how about from you to me? (the gift) hehe

flapflap said...

It's open!! Oooh, too excited. Would it be excessive to go to both in one night?!?!

Anonymous said...

I accidentally got the milk hot chocolate and it was pretty weak. I hope they make it thicker and more chocolatey, my favourite is still at Colefax.

LOL at Walter the farting Dog. Is this at Ariel bookstore? I always get heaps of Christmas presents there as they have the best book and wrap them beautifully (great for last minute gifts)

chocolatesuze said...

praline liqueur! ooh gonna have to add that to my xmas wish list haha waffles i wouldve thought youd use the heroes quote lol

Belle said...

Looks like you are going to OD on chocolate. You are so lucky! Those trays of chocs look amazing.

Miss Honey said...

Ooo chocolate related post!! I went to the one at Circular Quay a couple of weeks ago and have been dying to go back:) I agree, the waffles are much nicer than the Max Brenner ones (we had them as a pseudo breakfast lol)

Anonymous said...

Karen - Hee hee would be weird but amusing I guess.

Yes give it a visit ^^!

D - Haha you finished so lol away bro.

Mochachocolata Rita - Hee hee tis the season for giving ;) but sorry I am not Santa :P

FlapFlap - Yayy I thought about doing that since they are so close but I would prefer hitting up different chocolate cafes instead.

NQN - Yeah the drinks are alright but could be improved. I have got to try Colefax haha.

YES! That was Ariel. I should shop there for Xmas presents too maybe :D

ChocolateSuze - Hee hee I want to try it too. I'd imagine it something similar to chocolate vodka but hopefully much much better! Ahh I haven't seen any season 2 heroes yet.. unless it was from season 1 then I've forgotten hee hee :P

Belle - Haha come join us XD I am sure you can manage easily too. I await the post about you guys visiting these cafes :)

Miss Honey - Hee hee nice I'll be awaiting your post then ^^! I just hope next time the waffles are hotter and maybe more of them :D

Pork Bun Man said...

The waffles look a-grade material. I think I'm the ONLY one not to have visited this place!

Y said...

Oh, so there are two Guylian cafes now? Bit weird that they would open so close to each other! I've never been a fan of Guylian chocolates, so I have yet to visit the cafe. Love the lights though!

Anonymous said...

Pork Bun Man - Hee hee they are super awesome but I want them a bit warmer and more of them haha. I also thought that after the 1st one opened.

Y - Yeh it is a bit weird :S Unless they plan for ppl to visit both places in the same night ;) Awww give them a try :D?

kazaloo said...

Unfortunately, I need to warn all future patrons of the Guylian cafe in the Rocks. They have the WORST service. The staff ignore you until you leave in frustration and if you try to call them up on it they state that they are ‘very busy’ (10 people in the whole cafe isn’t very busy). STAY AWAY from this rude, inhospitable environment. Try the French cafe a little further up, the cakes are better and you will receive prompt service for less!!!