Wednesday, September 10, 2008

San Churro Chocolateria - Glebe, Sydney

After our delicious Mexican feast at Flying Fajita Sisters, we waddled a few shops down to the Chocolateria San Churro. San Churro has grown to become competition to the already popular Max Brenner in the chocolate game. For me, they both have their own perks and delicacies so I am a happy patron to both estabishments ^^!

As soon as we enter this cozy chocolateria we are bathed in a warm lighted atmosphere, sounding with friendly chatter and laughter. The staff here are all cheery and very pleasant but hey who wouldn't be if they are serving warm, liquid happiness :D The menu has enticing pictures of specials and we get sucked into ordering one.

On one of the walls is printed the history of San Churro.

The truffles at the counter are bite-sized goodness.

Glass cabinet full of other goodies like roches, cakes, muds, pudding, chocolate-dipped strawberries etc...

The Churro Girl working her magic! I espcially like the 3 wells of different melted chocolates mmmmmmm.

Bizcocho & Liquid Chocolate
This was the special on the menu which had us 'ooohing' at the counter, well me at least. It consists of a very soft and quite cakey brownie with a milk chocolate drizzle, a small dollop of freah cream and topped off with shaved chocolate pieces. This order is already very good on its own but when you add a hot drink, it turns it into magic! Take a spoon full of brownie and cream and just dip it into the hot drink for a few seconds and viola!! Spoonfuls of heaven ^^! And the hot drink I recommend is none other than their...

Grandma Churro with marshmallows
This drink is my favourite one at San Churros but they surprisingly removed it from the menu :S So everytime I come I have to ask if its available. The aroma of this hot chocolate is just fabulous... the smell of apple, cinnamon and chocolate just gives you a big warm hug on a chilly night. This drink has a good consistency and good flavour, so good that I even order this in summer sometimes.

Churros are long, deep fried, star-shaped Spanish equivalent of donuts. They are nice and crispy on the outside but a soft and sort of gooey inside. When dipped in the melted chocolate, they are amazing. They can be a bit much for the lighter chocolaterians but they are just right for a chocoholic like myself. These churros are a must-try since they are what San Churro is all about :P hence it is in the name.

The friendly face of the Spanish Jesus, as the bringer of chocolate and happiness, is always welcoming and the aroma of frying churros and hot chocolate will have you wanting for more.

San Churro - Glebe
47 Glebe Point Road
Glebe NSW 2037
Ph: 02 9692 0119

Mon-Thu 10am-11pm
Fri 10am-Midnight
Sat 9am-Midnight
Sun 9am-11pm



Erique Fat Owl said...

I knew it's Jesus on their logo! Dayumnn...

BTW, one should never eat San Churro's churros as a dessert (after a fulfilling meal) - unless you're just having a stick - it's just too heavy. Plus, it's made from dough, so it'll expand in your stomach not long after you finish eating. The result can be disastrous. Believe me, I know. Har har har

One day, I went to Baja Cantina (just a few doors away from San Churro) and had a meal, and I decided to get a dessert at San Churro. It was the first time I've been there, and I wasn't that full - so I ordered...the TAPAS (for two!) *damn chocolate weakness!!!*

Obviously, I couldn't finish it by myself. However, my friend refused to help me finish it because she had ordered the chocolate marshmallow thingy. So, I finished half of the tapas, and take-away the remainder. Even as I was on my way home, I could feel my stomach HARDENING and churning - a sign of something sooper dooper nasty would happen.

When I reached home, I immediately went to the loo, stick my face on the toilet bowl, aaand...the rest is history.

Anonymous said...

Oooh I like it-ordering the grandma churro with marshmallows that is not on the menu! ;) Thanks for the rec, it sounds gorgeous. I went once but didn't like my hot chocolate at all (it just tasted like cocoa powder). Perhaps I should have ordered that one or maybe they were too busy because it was Valentines Day so they didn't do a great job. The churros however were great :)

Anonymous said...

EFO - Ahhh hahah yeah my eyes are always bigger than my stomach so I order heapppsss. Too bad you had that unfortunate experience though :( Yeah it is nice to go there for a drink and share a plate of churros with some friends (or 2 plates :P)

NQN - YES go the Grandma! Awww boo to powdery drinks but give it another go :)

chochead said...

I love tghe grandma hot hot too - I asked about it at the Miranda store and they said that it might come back next winter (i hope so) they say that they change their menu every 6 months - cant wait to see what yummy stuff they will have for summer

TaGa_Luto said...

Love all the places you go! If ever i visit you're place i'll make sure i'd go to these places you have recommended. Churros are so yummy but could never replicate them at home.

Anonymous said...

Chochead - Oohh yeah I heard they have seasonal menus too but I have not seen much change over my visits except for the special items so I just ask for Grandma each time haha.

Taga_Luto - Hee hee thhxx. Come visit whheee ^^!