Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The F Box

I started working nearly a month ago and in my line of work there are some dangers that can occur. Today was one of those days that something potentially dangerous did happen and it was very scary indeed. I am very grateful that nobody was hurt and no damage was done but due to this fright I had a good thought about life and how it can just throw stuff at you... so in the end I decided that I deserved a little something to cheer me up :)

I found this box set Gordon Ramsay - The F Box on special at Borders Chatswood. It was on the display as one of the Father's Day recommended gifts and since it was the only one I could spot I yoinked it pretty quickly. Every time I walk into a Borders I am reminded of SGCCs' unfortunate and weird occurrence at a Borders branch.

I am totally giddy that there is a total of 7 dvds and not just normal dvds but Gordon Ramsay dvds ;) for $39.95 from $59.95 (AUD). That comes to a grand total of 1059 mins of f'ing goodness (My f stands for 'food' :P)! I believe a foodie group viewing may be in order (maybe including a sleep over haha).

The only problem is that these are all only the first series of each show so I am sensing that I will end up buying more dvds.

Kitchen Nightmares USA
Hell hath no fury like an angry chef, and no chef has a sharper temper tahn Gordon Ramsay when things go wrong in the kitchen. See how Gordon Ramsay has taken his sizzling unscripted series, Kitchen Nightmares, to the USA, giving failing American restaurants a wake up call they'll never forget.

The F Word
With the irrepressible Gordon Ramsay at the helm, The F Word delivers a bold new approach to food on TV, a fresh way of dealing with an area at the heart of all our lives. A topical nine-part show hosted by Gordon Ramsay, aided and abetted by restaurant critic, Giles Coren, The F Word aims to be the definitive food series. Whether it's food in the shops, on the restaurant table, in your fridge or in your mouth, you'll find out everything you need to know on The F Word.

Kitchen Nightmares
Rancid food, arrogant head chefs, and dangerously dirty kitchens... these are ust some of the horrors that await celebrated chef, Gordon Ramsay, in Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. Famous for his explosive personality, fiery temper, and colourful language, Gordon attempts to save restaurants across the UK from financial ruin. With his passion for food and infamous lack of patience with sloppy stnadards in the kitchen he spares no one in his pursuit of restaurant excellence.



Anonymous said...

You'll have so much fun with that set! The first season of the F Word is my favourite. I love Giles Coren's roving reportage, especially his episode on Freeganism and Doner Kebabs as well as the segment on what actually goes into a sausage.

timmeh said...

Can't wait to watch it! :D

StickyGooeyCreamyChewy said...

How fun! I'm crazy about Gordon. Don't you wish you could get away with the stuff he does?

Glad you survived Borders. I've switched to Barnes & Noble! ;)

D said...

good to hear you're mate; on a brighter note, markets on Saturday!