Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nick's Bar & Grill - King St Wharf, Sydney

When a offer like this one comes along it is hard to resist. Nick's Bar & Grill is offering unlimited plates of: golden fried seafood plate, chargrilled BBQ plate, Boston bay mussels and giant ribs only on Sunday and Monday nights from 6pm at the reasonable price of $25.50.

I had came across this offer before a few years back at the Bondi Nick's Bar & Grill and I have to admit that was a very pleasant dining experience. That promotion only had the fried seafood platter and the BBQ plate but the BBQ plate was deeply inprinted onto my mind and hence my interest in going again to the King St Wharf one with the added bonus of mussels and ribs!

We decided to sit inside as it was a bit chilly outside still. It was still fairly early when we got there, that's why it is so empty but as the night went on it started to fill up. The waitress suggested that we start off with the seafood and mussels first then the meat plates.

Eying all the ribs eagerly... waiting for our food to come... so many ribbbsss mmm. After sadly watching many plates get carried off to other tables we finally got ours! Here Comes the Food.

Mussels in red sauce

Mussels in white sauce
I personally preferred the creamier white sauce than the red sauce. These mussels are good but sometimes they were leaning more towards the warm-cold side.

Golden Fried Seafood Plate
The seafood plate, even though it was al deep fried, was quite decent. Had a mixture of fish, prawns, calamari rings and chips. My favourite were the calamari rings and the tartare sauce but the fish and prawns were also good.

Chargrilled BBQ Plate
I have to say I was most disappointed in this plate because from my memory the meat plate at Bondi was far superior to this one. The chorizo was decent but the rump was too tough and the chicken was a bit dry.

Giant Ribs
These ribs were probably the best dish at this unlimited plate promotion and we ended up ordering quite a few more of them. You cannot compare it to Rib places like Ribs & Rumps or Hurricanes but they were reasonably tasty with the sweet rib/bbq sauce.

So much ribby goodness

After this meal I left full and content but I was also left longing for that delicious meat plate that was served at the Bondi Nick's Bar & Grill. I recommend trying one of each plate then just ordering ribs, a few mussels and maybe 1 or 2 more seafood plates. For the price this was a worthy meal but since it was sort of massed produced don't expect the best quality.

Nick's Bar and Grill

The Promenade, King Street Wharf

Sydney NSW 2000

Ph: (02) 9279 0122



Floren. said...

hey! you guys have a nice blog :)

FFichiban said...

Floren. - Hee hee heeyy Thhxx heaps for visiting and commenting ^^!

NQN said...

That's great that they've added the rack of ribs to the all you can eat menu. I went once there where they just had the seafood and meat plate but the inclusion of ribs may mean another visit! :)

FFichiban said...

NQN - Heyy oohh so you went to the Bondi one too? Ribs were ok nothing special.. but yeah cheap and unlimited haha. Prefer R&R, Hurricanes and now I'm Angus ribs.