Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Farmer's Markets - The Rocks, Sydney

Today, the sun was packing some serious heat so going out into the hot air was not on the top of my list but for markets selling fresh produce I would venture out there. The Farmer's Markets at The Rocks is not very big but it is a welcome addition to the existing weekend stalls that already frequent here. This market will now be on every Friday and Saturday so go take a look as there are heaps of fresh fruit, veges, organic pastas, meat and flowers!

The market bike?
We started at the George St end and did a loop around the stalls and as always I snapped away happily.

Eumundi Smokehouse
This stall also sells fresh sausages of all sorts of wonderful combinations of flavours. We test-tried the smoked Chorizo and Kasana and ended up buying some of the Kasana which has a small kick to it.

Lots of wonderfully smoked meats hanging out for display making me want to buy some and them there and then.

Pasta Emilia
The word 'organic' on any produce always sucks me in. This stall has the a beautiful truffle cream which goes well with the gnocchi and pumpkin ravioli that we test-tasted. They also had a very popular pesto sauce that was selling so well that they only had 2 of the larger sized containers left (well 1 after we visited this stall hee hee).

Sooo much creamy goodness mmmmm.

This little stall sold some fresh bagels in either poppyseed, plain or mixed grain flavours.

Flowers are always fun things to take photographs of ^^! So I played around with some colour accenting as well.

Pretty in pink
Mellow in yellow

Fresh fruit and veges. Look at all those strawberries!

The next stall had 'Unusual' potatoes and clear descriptions of each of these types. We were intrigued by the 'Sapphire' potatoes which are purple in colour. I know there are purple sweet potatoes but purple potatoe potatoes is also interesting.

Lots of different olive oils and balsamic vinegars.
Some of these have very interesting flavours and I should ahve tried them but alas I did not.. maybe next week hee hee.

Yuri's fresh fruit and veges stall. Good to see this familiar face here :P

Since the sun was getting a bit intense, Brasserie Bread could not display these in the display box and were selling at discount. So we ended up buying a Belgium chocolate croissant, a raspberry pastry, a almond croissant and a butter croissant.

The name of this stall says it all haha. The smoked ocean trout was absolutely divine on small pieces of pieces of crisp bread and when combined with the wasabi cream... it just melts into a wonderful creamy explosion of flavours in your mouth.

Mushrooms are just wonderful when pan-fried with butter or in a stir fry. I especially like the King Brown variety as they have a nice meaty texture to them.

Again we meet our good friends from the Good Food Grower's Market at Pyrmont selling the deliciously rich and creamy New Jersey milk.

After we have perused the stalls we found out there was another market at North Sydney today so I will need to find out about that one since it was apparantly much larger with lots of food. But this Farmer's Market was still worth the trip and I will most definitely be coming back to stock up on more yummy goodies.

The Rocks Farmer's Market
Friday 10am-3pm
Saturday 9am - 3pm
Jack Mundey Place, The Rocks
(Intersection of George St and Argyle St)



Leony said...

Hi there, found this link through your comment on Erik's "Eat Like a Cow" and glad that you have a bunch of great stuffs going on around Sydney's culinary atmosphere. Just wanna say hi, and keep the great posts coming. Love the recipes (except they're very very rich and chocolaty... haha...)

D said...

whilst the markets was complemented by great weather and atmosphere; this was clearly trumped by your elation with your .:

I shouldn't have detained myself at home doing mindless essay writing :p

chocolatesuze said...

lol the organisers at the rocks markets wouldnt let me have a stall there boo! so instead im doing the ones near st marys which are like triple the size you should come visit dude!

FFichiban said...

Leony - Ooohh Thx so much for visiting and posting ^^! Hi to you too *waves* and yeah haha I love chocolate too much but I shall look for some other recipes too. Oh btw I can't read your blog at all >_< but I'm sure it would be a good read if I could.

D - Haha dayam right! Go finish your work :P so you can come out to play!

FFichiban said...

Chocolatesuze - OH BOOOOO!!! Shame on them!! St Marys is a bit far for me >_< but I would love to visit your stall so I might go to St Ives or Mosman markets next month.

chocolatesuze said...

nah not st marys suburb st marys cathedral near hyde park? at cook and philip square

Snooky doodle said...

great photos . wish i was there all those nice yummy things

FFichiban said...

ChocolateSuze - Oohhhhh could I get details for that one please :)?

Snooky Doodle - Thhxxx so much for visiting and posting ^^! Haha I wish I was over there with all your beautiful creations!

chocolatesuze said...

yup the markets are every friday 10am-2.30pm at Cook + Phillip Square right next to St Marys Cathedral and hyde park

FFichiban said...

ChocolateSuze - That makes me a sad panda :( cos work ftl.

NQN said...

I was so excited to hear that the markets are now like this. I never really rated the previous markets (there was fresh corn and fudge but that was about it). This sounds much better.

Anonymous said...

hi, do they still have fresh produce in these markets? went last week but couldn't find any? is this the same in argyle st?