Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Father's Day Part 2 (Rengaya - North Sydney, Sydney)

For Father's Day dinner we went to one of his favourite restaurants in Sydney - Rengaya. Being the top of the range in I's group meant that this place is of very high quality and the prices reflect this fact. Other restaurants in the I's group include Menya, Suminoya and Koh-ya. As soon as you enter the restaurant, the atmosphere just captivates you and makes me go "ooooohhhh wooww".

They have changed the window decorations. It used to be a kimono and this suit of armour. *insert Japanese Samurai Warcry sound effect*

There used to be the autograph of Hiroyuki Sakai on the wall but I not sure where they moved it.

The air ventilation system here is much better than at Suminoya so there is little chance of your vision being clouded with smoke but the smell of smoke still lingers around on your clothes and hands afterwards. But hey... it is delicious BBQ smelling smoke :P

As usual of going to a BBQ place we start off with a few salads so we don't feel so bad about the meat onslaught which proceeds it. The service here is fast, efficient and friendly even though their accents can be very Japanese so very soon after we order, Here Comes the Food.

Salmon & Avocado Salad
The sun-dried tomato and slightly sour salad dressing balances beautifully with the sweet mayonnaise and avocado.

Seaweed Salad
The sesame sauce is always a delight but may get a bit too rich if there is too much of it in one mouthful.

Beef Tataki Salad
The freshness of their beef can be tasted in this dish and also its' fattiness. The sliver of fried garlic is total genius as it marries perfectly with the beef and sauce.

On to the meeatt ^^! Haha I am such a carnivore Rar! As usual I always opt for the medium rare option especially for meat this fresh. They just melt in your mouth! The difference in premium and special is mainly the marbling so the premium cuts have a higher fat content for more melting in your mouth effect and a richer taste. I choose the BBQ sauce when possible as it adds a nice sweetness to the meat but the salt & pepper option is also quite good.

Premium Beef Tongue - Thick cut
This dish is probably the most perfect way to start off the BBQ. The meat is very soft and tender and the oils released during the cooking makes this cut quite fast to cook.

Wagyu Premium Short Rib
This is also another excellent choice but this cut is a bit thinner so make sure not to over cook. Still lots of melt in your mouth goodness.

Wagyu Premium Chuck Rib
This is a really nice cut with lots of smooth marbling throughout the meat. Not much else to say except mmmmmmmmm meltyyy.

Wagyu Rib Finger
Just like at Suminoya, the wagyu rib finger has to be my favourite cut of meat but the one here is much better than Suminoya's. These cubes of meat are just the perfect mix of everything. I prefer these ones rare to medium rare maybe because I usually cannot wait to dig into them. These may be a bit too fatty for some people but try it out and see for yourself. We always end up ordering a few more orders of these after all of our original orders have arrived.

Wagyu Flap Meat
This cut has a ower fat content but still with a great taste and tenderness. It is suggested for those who are watching their cholesterol levels but I would recommend it to everybody.

Negi-Yukke Stone Pot Bimbimba
Onto one of the main highlights about this restaurant, which are the Stone Pot Bimbimbas. I have to say these are the best bimbimbas I have had in Sydney because the pot is actually hot enough to make the rice char to a browny perfection. Also because all the ingredients used are very fresh and just gel together to form a perfect harmony of flavours. (I did not get an initial shot because they all came at once and we have to move fast and mix it or else the rice will get burnt).

Mentaiko Stone Pot Bimbimba
I am not that big a fan of mentaiko (fish roe) but it definitely worth it for the fans out there. (This time I ninjaed in an initial shot).

I usually cook the meat and chuck it into the stone pot to keep warm and eat with the rice YUMMM^^! At the end of the meal we were all too full to order any dessert but I assure you their green tea ice creams are awesome!

I absolutely LOVE this place (but I love almost everything Japanese) but it can be a bit pricey so whenever you feel like splurging and just treating yourself, this should be high on your list :P. There is also the Buffet option ($60) here but they do not give you the premium cuts of meat but still, the meat is really really good.

73 Miller St
North Sydney
Ph: (02) 9929 6169

12:00pm - 3:00pm / Tue-Fri

6:00pm - 10:30pm / 7 Days
except the second and fourth Monday of every month.



Erique Fat Owl said...

Aaaargh look at those shimofuri meats!!! They're gorgeous!! Been meaning to go to Rengaya for awhile now, and I'm definitely going now!

Seriously, dude (or dudette? FFichiban, I have the most difficult time in determining your gender), have you ever tasted those soooper doooper shimofuri meat that has like, I don't know, more than 50% fat ratio?? The most expensive meat I've ever tasted is the Matsuzaka beef I bought in Hong Kong for a home BBQ that costs like, 700 AUD per kilo!! (I only bought 300 grams!)

Seriously, it was such a splurge, I ended up eating 3 bowls of rice to accompany the measly 300 grams of meat (because I had to share it with 2 other people and we want to be FULL, but there simply wasn't enough meat...)

So, we took teeeny tiny bites of the meat and followed by two or three big gulps of rice (LOL LOL!!) and lots of sauces, chewing while constantly inhaling so that there won't be any single precious molecule of aroma lost.

We're so freaking classy, aren't we??

Anonymous said...

I used to work in North Sydney for years, always walking past the sign wondering what it was like inside but never quite getting there. Had I known how delicious everything was as from your photos and story, I would've booked a table in a heartbeat!

Anonymous said...

EFO - Haha yeah sooo much meaty goodness!! Hhaha yeah I'm a dude.

*drrooooooooolll* I have had some very very fatty and indescribably tasty meat but probably not the Matsuzaka 0.o 700AUD is hectic... but dammnnn must have been worth it from what I am reading about them haha.

NQN - Oohhh book book!:D If I worked there everyday I would be tempted to eat there every lunch haha.

TaGa_Luto said...

OMGoodness!!! you make me really jealous! Everything you have here are my favorite. Well actually anything Japanes/Korean i love them all. I have yet to taste wagyu beef...it's a novelty here. Actually, i'm sure high end restaurants offer them in there menu but it'll be priced like gold i'd say=;)

I'm so drooollliinngg!!!

Anonymous said...

Taga_Luto - Hee hee Yeah I love Jap and Korean food but D and I have yet to find a really really good Korean place here. Ohhh yeah really really good beef is soo hard to get and very pricey as EFO mentioned haha.