Thursday, September 25, 2008

Malaysia Festival - Darling Harbour, Sydney (Part 1)

Finnalllyyy... after delaying this out for nearly a month, I have decided it was time to post about the Malaysian Festival that happened on the 31st of August. Now hopefully my memory won't fail me as I try to recall the flavours and experiences of that day.

When we first arrived, I was happy to see many people braving the cold, cloudy weather to enjoy in the food and the shows.

As there were quite a lot of people we headed straight for the first food stall and joined up in the queue without even looking at what they were selling.

It turned out to be Sam Satay Halal Food. Since our group formed a tiny army we decided to take over more territory and some of us headed over to the neighbouring Jimmy's Recipe Malaysia to try out their food first.

Chicken wings from Jimmy's
The chicken wings were grilled nicely and had a nice greasy coating but since there was no sauce they were kind of bland. They were ok but nothing special.

Laksa from Jimmy's
I did not try this laksa but en.elle and wengie both agreed that this laksa was the just what they wanted. There soup was just the right consistency and there was just the right amount of chilli oil.

Sam Satay Combo 1 ($10)

Sam Satay Combo 4 ($10)
The satay sauce here is awesome peanuty goodness. Their other items in the combo were not bad but what really shined out for me was their satay. I guess that's why it is called Sam Satay hee hee.

Sam Satay

After we munched down all the goodies from these first 2 stalls we ventured on and came across another monster of a queue which led to, of course, Mamak. Even though we only had Mamak the night before as supper we were eager to try out their stall food.

Mamak queue (this was zoomed in so the name would b legible)

Action shots of the roti being thinned out

The roti being cooked to a nice crisp outside and fluffy inside

The satay section out the back was filled with smoky goodness

Roti Canai from Mamak
Mamaks' roti is done very very well in my opinion but I am not a big fan of their curry. I am a big fan of the sambal though ^^! Spicy goodness and with the light and crispy roti it meant a wonderful taste sensation.

To cool our tongues we ended up getting some of the dessert, which I had tried at Thai places before. I am still surprised at the saltiness of this dish even though I knew from previous experiences that it can be salty. however, the cocout milk was very pleasant and so was the hint of rose.

100 Plus - A Malaysian drink
I did not try this but I guess it would be similar to other asian sports drink like Pocari Sweat or Super Supau.

Then it started to rain a little bit so we only briefly checked out the few stalls on the other side of the park.

This make-your-own-ice kachang intrigued us but we didn't end up getting any. What sucked us in were other people walking away these brown paper bags with thick cut toast. Yumm! and of course it was Kaya on the slices ^^!

Kaya Toast ^^!
Sweet sweet kaya mmm.

Apart from the glorious food there were also entertainment. When we first arrived there, some dancers were performing and they drew a bit of a crowd.

Dancers performing on stage

But what entertained me most was this band. They made the coolest music hahah with some awesome singing! Too bad I didn't record it cos they had a really unique sound hee hee.

It was a fun festival and since I shared it with good food and good friends it just made the day very enjoyable ^^! I think the boy band playing just before we left was the icing on the cake hee hee.

Part 2 Coming Soon by D

MalaysiaFest' 31/08/2008
Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour

(Photos en.elle)


Anonymous said...

Oh cool! Glad to read your post on it. I think we had a similar experience with some of the foods although I wish I had tried one of the Sam Satay dishes.

I was also surprised by the saltiness of the sticky rice dessert, my sister in law usually loves it sos he bought some but we both didn't really go for the saltiness.

And there's a Part 2? ;)

Anonymous said...

NQN - Thx for coming to read and comment ^^! Sam Satay was pretty good but I think Mamak is just a bit better.

Ahh yeah that dessert always surprises me hee hee and D has posted already Part 2 :)

Veron said...

I love satay so much!! I hardly get it done right in restaurants over here.