Friday, September 26, 2008

Malaysia Festival - Darling Harbour, Sydney (Part 2)

The awaited joint-post of Malaysia Fest 2008 is finally here...apologies on my behalf as I was responsible for the large time lapse between event and post.

Weather Forecast: Showers in afternoon - clear after.

But it still doesn't deter the curious by-passer and nor impact the bustling crowd in Tumbalong Park.

This is one of the posts where long winded descriptions of the food or the appearance is rather unnecessary - rather pictures can do all the talking.

Here Comes The Food

So many much to choose from...C and I decided to quench our thirsts and attached ourselves to the Penang Gurney Drive queue.

We opted for the "Michael Jackson" or Cincau Soya....smirking at the subliminal humour.

soy milk and tea ready to be served up at a customer's request

Seems like the soy milk was a clear favourite as it was refilled a few times whilst we were waiting in the line.

Our 'Michael Jackson' ..... black and white ... refreshing soy milk that is well complemented by the herbal infusion of grass jelly.

FFichiban, Monkeyjaja, pupu, en.elle, wengie, C and myself had eaten at Mamak the night before at 1 am ... we asked about their store at the festival tomorrow and they assured us it would be the same people just in a different location.

Sure enough, it was the same person we always see making Roti behind the panel at Mamak on Goulborn St.
Whilst we waited for our roti, I asked one of the Mamak staff whether I could go behind the stall and take pictures of the 'staff area' - surely enough they were accommodating and I closed in for some less-ninja-zoomed shots.

happily charcoaling away...

Roti Canai: buttery goodness...the sambal is a great combination to the Roti and brings out the flavour. I found myself using more sambal than the provided curry dip. Apparently you can ask for condensed milk at Mamak instead of curry/sambal and it's a great supplement. However, the stall was not offering it today as it is a feature of the main eatery.

the revelers admiring and feasting on the spoils of the queue.

As predicted, afternoon rain came and the umbrellas popped out. Since when is the weather forecast accurate?

Under the safety of umbrellas, our group head over to the stores that previously had lengthy lines but now reduced due to the people taking shelter. One of the signs catch my eye.
Sadly the "Free Spin" offer has run out - I'm assuming you spin the wheel and depending on the circle that it lands on - you either have to buy something or you win something...

'sunshine comes after the rain'

This bold sign draws us with the anticipation of making our own Kachang ... however we are deterred and sold by an enthusiastic stall-attendee on kaya toast and milk tea instead...

Durian is offered to accompany the Ice KachangToasted and ready for the Kaya :)

Malaysia Festival 2008
Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour


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