Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ryotei Ramen - Crows Nest, Sydney (3)

The sun is blaring right now and starting to feel more like summer as if nature decided to skip out on spring. To escape the heat at midday we decided to run for cover into Ryo's for lunch. With weather like this, there is only one dish that pops into my head... Tsukemen.

The ceiling fan is working it's little heart out trying to keep us cool but still it is warm even inside with all the how, steam bowls of soup.

Since it was close to closing time, they stopped serving some of the dishes so my first choice of the Salad with cold ramen was replied with a shaking head. Fortunately the Tsukemen was still available since there are only 2 options with cold ramen.

Tsukemen - Cold dipping ramen
I have to say that this dish is perfect for this type of weather. Dipping the cold ramen into the soup does make me slurp up the noodles eagerly and let out a satisfied 'Ahhhh'. The egg and chashu are as good as always.

Deep Fried Soft-Shelled Crab
This cute little fellow was extremely tasty. For only $5 it is definitely worth getting one just for something extra on the side.

2 Chashu Onigiri & 1 Mentaiko Onigiri
As usual the rice balls are a pleasant side dish but they really could put more chashu & mentaiko into these. I usually add mine into the soup mm ^^ but since I had dipping noodles I didn't order a rice ball.

Negi Miso Tonkotsu Ramen (No. 4)
Another favourite dish of mine with it's thick and rich soup and refreshing negi. Could have more negi on it though.

Ramen noodles in special mild soy sauce, pork and fish soup

Deep Fried Chicken
This side dish came out piping hot and freshly fried. A bit into a soft, tender chicken piece under a layer of crispy batter mixed with creamy mayonnaise is absolute bliss.

After a filling meal it is time to go home and nap it off.. especially in this heat I don't feel like moving.

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Ryotei Ramen - Crows Nest, Sydney

The F Word (and I don't mean food this time)

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D said...

well that's different (seeing Ryo's with the sun still out!)

NQN said...

I love Ryo's but haven't been for ages. I had forgotten about the cold ramen, what a great idea now that it's getting warm!

FFichiban said...

D - Haha yehh so brightt.

NQN - Tsukemmmmenn^^! but today was back to cool weather haha crazy spring :S

Fan said...

Ryotei my love, here I COMEEE~!@!!
gone to 3rd world country for 2 month..missed my RAMEN........8

Obesebaby said...

this is like the best ramen in Sydney, love it !