Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mamak - Haymarket, Sydney

I finally settled down at my computer to rest and relax by reading some food blogs (of course!) after a long day of work. I was quite tired and sleepy but then wengie said the magic words which perked me right back up.... "wanna go to mamak?". This had me considering the notion for a few seconds and finally I caved into the wondrous world of a Malaysian supper.

When we reached Mamak I was very surprised that it was so empty. Since it was just after 1am on a Friday night that it would be really packed with hungry hungry city-goers. If this was in asia they would getting their best amount of business at this time I reckon haha. But then again I was thankful that there was not a huge line to join up into to receive our late night dose of roti injection.

The happy roti cook :)

Since it was just supper I didn't want to order too much and look like a pig but I ended up doing it anyway haha.

Rojak ($10)
This salad is an automatic order for me when I come to Mamak. The sweet and spicy peanut sauce with sesame seeds just swirls and engulfs you into a world of flavour. And the textures... the soft tofu to the crisp cucumber and yambean and the crunchy deep fried coconut and prawn fritters. Everytime I take a bite I can't help myself but let out a small 'MMmmmm'.

Roti Planta ($6)
This roti had a extra helping of butter to increase its richness. I am not really a big fan of their curries but mixing this with the sambal or the peanut sauce from the Rojak makes the extra butter a bit obsolete. So I recommend just getting the normal Roti Canai and order 2 or something hee hee.

Roti Canai ($5)
En.elle ordered this roti and the way they desribled it on the menu is perfect, "Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside". Just add a touch of sambal to each touch and then you got the perfect snack for anytime of day... but I will end up eating a few in each sitting as they are that good.

Nasi Lemak + Fish Curry ($9.50)
Wengie ordered the Nasi Lemak and went for the fish curry this time as she found the chicken curry a bit dry for her. Nasi Lemak has a nice combination of flavours and textures as well and a must order for any of those 'fun - tongs' (rice buckets) out there. I would have probably chosen the ayam goreng as a side because I like my deep fried oily chicken hee hee.

I love this place as it serves up great food at a decent price and opens till 2am on Fridays and Saturdays :D The only problem I have found with this place is the Roti service can get pretty backed up when there is a huge crowd but other than that its a wonderful addition to our Sydney eateries.

15 Goulburn St, Haymarket, Sydney
Open 7 days
Lunch: 1130am to 3pm
Dinner: 530pm to late



NQN said...

That rojak looks great! I really should get down there sometime...

FFichiban said...

NQN - Yes for suuuree! I want to go back alreadyy mmmm peanuty.