Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sushi Samurai - Neutral Bay, Sydney (2)

This was the first time I actually visited this place even though it has been mentioned to me a few times by MonkeyJaja. I did try to visit once but it was under renovation so after reading about it on NQN I was determined not to be the only one left out of this find (since D has already visited before).

This little place was jammed pack when we arrived with lots of locals but some Japanese dotted here and there. The tables and seating were a bit too close together for my liking as my elbow kept getting bumped by the wait staff as they served dishes to the other tables but it did give it a nice cozy feeling.

Opening the menu, the first things I saw were the enticing comments added to the pictures and I must admit some of them are quite effective haha. Fortunately we were seated close to the bar which provides prime photography lighting :D Reading D's visit, I did not want to order any of the Wagyu just in case it did come out as a disappointment but in hindsight I should have tried one just to see what it was like so next time I shall try. As we waited for our dishes to come, the waiter carried a sizzling hot plate that smelled like meat heaven... twice which made me drool and grow impatient, but soon afterwards Here Comes the Food.

Yes, the first dish to arrive was the Green Tea ice cream and Savoy cakes. Since Pupu was not too hungry, dessert was ordered first to satisfy the sweet tooth. The combination of the soft cakes with the ice cream is one I have not seen at any other restaurant and I happy that this one serves it. The only part lacking in this dessert was the absence of red bean paste which would have completed this dish.

Salmon Sashimi
This beautifully presented dish was very fresh and had good flavour though I would have prefered it a little bit more chilled. If their normal salmon was this good next time I am definitely going for their salmon belly mmmm ^^!

Salmon and Avocado Hand roll
I was giddy with the amount of salmon in these hand rolls as it has been known that hand rolls usually suffer when it comes to the amount of fish in them. The soft salmon is always best when accompanied by a few slices of creamy avocado.

Spicy Tuna Hand roll
At first I was surprised not to see any of the Japanese chilli powder on it bt after biting into it there was clearly some bite back :) I like spicy tuna or spicy salmon.

Salmon Aburi
I have to say I found this dish the most promising of them all. The creamy sweet mayonnaise and the seared salmon just forms the ultimate melt-in-your-mouth team. I reckon the salmon could have been seared a bit more instead of just flaming the mayo on top but all in all this was delightful and definitely will be ordered again next time.

Pork Belly - Peking Style
This dish did feel a bit out of place haha but the pork belly was so tender and soft that I did not care if it Chinese style. The lean meat was balanced nicely with some fatty pieces which just melts and causes the flavour to swirl around in your mouth. The sweet teriyaki sauce also added a nice touch to it.

I must admit there were quite a few dishes I did not get to try out that I wanted to but as I was not that hungry on this visit it was not necessary to order too much. Also there is the newly opened DanDan Ramen right opposite, by the same owner of Sushi Samurai which looks worthy of a visit.

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Sushi Samurai - Neutral Bay, Sydney

Sushi Samurai
Shop 3, 197 Military Road, Neutral Bay
(opposite Ju Ge Mu, next to Birkenstock)
Ph: 99534059
Lunch: 11am-3pm (last order)

Dinner: 5.30-10pm (last order)



NQN said...

Interesting to know about the handrolls. I never usually order them because they seem to be mostly rice but these ones look worth it.

I actually prefer the sashimi less chilled, the flavour comes out more and it melts in the mouth more for me at least :)

Veron said...

I wish I can find a great japanese place like that. Those dishes look delicious. I especially like the soft cakes and the green tea ice cream and yes red bean paste would ahve gone so well with it.

D said...

told you the salmon is incredibly delicious :p

FFichiban said...

NQN - Yeah a lot of hand rolls leaving you wanting for more fishy fish. Haha yeah I read ;)

Veron - Haha come visit Sydney ^^! But I am sure you will find some good places there too!

D - Now that's what I'm talkin' bouuttt XD

難波 said...

Ffichiban -

Hit restaurants of other nationalities... I need non-japanese eating ideas.

Lest this blog be renamed... 'here comes the tabemono'

Mochachocolata Rita said...

my first sushi experience was in was at genki sushi, sussex st, chinatown (is it still there?) and i thought grilled eel was grilled fish hehe...

neutral bay and its collection of japanese food is fabulous too, but it was a bit far and expensive for a poor student like me back then hehe

FFichiban said...

難波 - Haha yeah I will but need some time to visit them :) What kind of cuisine you looking for? Maybe I can suggest a few and you can blog about them too :D?

Mochachocolate Rita - Oohhh yeah genki sushi is still there I think but I have not gone to the city for a while now haha.

Aww haha you should come back to visit :D!