Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bavarian Bier Cafe - Manly Wharf

When a celebration is in order, one of the best places to go is Bavarian Bier Cafe in my opinion. Great atmosphere, great service, great food and great company spells one big long line of gibberish which stands for an awesome time. Bavarian Bier Cafe had sprouted many locations now due to its increasing popularity of delicious import biers and great accompany meaty foods.

The friendly greeting bear outside the bier cafe :P Last time I came here I saw this bear being violated by a bunch of young hooligans who positioned themselves in provocative positions with the bear and took photos.

The Manly Wharf location is a prime spot for summer time to just chill on the outdoor seating and watch the waves roll but it is also a good spot for winter since we were greeted by a fireplace and a warm cozy environment.

Is that not the perfect sight? Right by the entrance is the pub with a roof made from 1L steins.

The open kitchen keeps me carefree as I can keep an eye and make sure none of the chefs spit into my food hahah I kid I kid the chefs here are very professional and efficient. The food is served very quickly and prepared with care.

mmmmmm soo much choice!

Mango bier. Not my personal choice but it is not too bad as its got a nice sweetness that some people like. I am a Franz (Franziskaner) Dunkel guy and love my 1L steins.... PROST! Weissbier is the great on its' own but it gets even better because here comes thes food.

Let us begin with mine and Pupus favourite dish. The Crackling Roast Prok Belly is always a safe bet. A layer of fat is sandwiched between the tender soft meat below and cripsy and crunchy skin above which makes the perfect combo. The apple compote, sauteed potatoes and red cabbage also compliment the meat so very well. All I can say is this dish has never failed to satisfy or please me.

Lowenschnitzel (aka Giant pork schnitzel). To me this schnitzel is not that big haha but I am a bit of a fatty so it is a fairly decent size. For me this starts of very nice but gets a bit dry after a while. It is a tasty schnitzel but I would prefer Una's schnitzels.

Swiss schnitzel. I have not yet tried this dish but judging from the content faces of my friends who ordered this I can tell its a good choice. The cheese look super tastyy!

Pan fried Chicken Schnitzel. Another good selection to make.. simple yet tasty.

Chargrilled Numberger Sausages. These sausages pack a good flavour and the crispy onions and mash just complete this dish.

Bavarian Tasting Platter. A bit of everything that is good about this place. Got some chicken schnitzel, crackling pork belly, different types of sausages ( I think they are numberger, swiss bratwurst and a cheese kransky?) and some sides. Perfect for first-timers who want to try a bit of everything but I do need to mention that this is not very filling for the bigger eaters especially after some drinking.

Munich Brewers Platter. I was surprised to see this on the menu as I had never seen it before. I guess I have not been to Bavarian Bier Cafe for a while then :S but I was deeply deeply disappointed by this. It just turned out to be the Bavarian Tasting Platter with an extra chargrilled kassler. It was delicious but after the description the waitress told us I was expecting something more like the Schlachtplatte from Lowenbrau Keller (since I have only ordered the Schlachtplatte for 2 I was expecting something pretty big) but alas I was disappointed.

Nevertheless Bavarian Bier Cafe is a perfect place to dine with a group of friends to drink and merry with. Other great selections include their Chicken Caesar Salad, Flammenbrots and of course desserts! But this night we decided to have dessert elsewhere which is soon to be posted. To end off, one word sums it all... PROST!



D said...

"The friendly greeting bear outside the bier cafe :P Last time I came here I saw this bear being violated by a bunch of young hooligans who positioned themselves in provocative positions with the bear and took photos."

*hangs head in shame*

cupcake said...

mmm their tasting platter is always so good!!! I miss that place!! haven't been there in ages - but Hugo's just open next door hasn't it? or is it's doors still saying will open in early august/late july...
where did you go for dessert?? and was it artery clogging?

FFichiban said...

d - hahaha you should have came and then that would become "This time I came here...."

cupcake - Yeah but so smmalll and I didn't notice the place next door :S hmm you should come back already :P