Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yamazaki Bakery - Japan

Ok ok to be honest I didn't really get these from Japan but they are from a Yamazaki branch in good old Taiwan! Yamazaki is a big name in the baking industry of Japan and they provide delicious fresh bread to the lucky people in Japan and many other countries... just not Australia :(. You can check out their site here, I personally prefer to peruse around on the Japanese site as there is much more to look at than the english one.

My mother hand-carried these precious morsels of fluffy, waffle goodness on a 12 hour flight. A 12 hour flight in a stuffy, smelly plane would usually deteriorate any delicate treats like waffles but these little troopers kept on... trooping :).

The box says it all... "Delightful Cake". Covered in sugary and chocolatey goodness these waffles are definitely a treat at anytime but for me especially these cold winter times. I heat up mine in the microwave to make them warm and soft that has a slight stickiness when you bite into one.

The packaged ones are not waffles but Dorayaki (Azuki flavoured), Doraemons' favourite snack! The waffles on the left are original flavour and have been lightly dusted with sugar while the ones on the right clearly have been face-dipped into a vat of chocolate mmmmm.

The original waffles are already sweet enough so the sprinkled confectioner's sugar you see is purely for aesthetics ;). The chocolate on the chocolate waffles is not very strong and so provides a pleasant subtle chocolate taste as you bite into your soft gooey waffle. For me they are both equally good so I would not be able to choose one as a favourite.

I don't tend to waffle on like D but I will leave you guys with Yamazaki's company motto:

"Enrich your life with delicious bread"
For me, a giant lover of all bread and all bread-related foods, it makes sense because for one to not appreciate bread is to loaf one's life away.


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