Saturday, August 9, 2008

Blurb part 2 ^^

Hello hello!

Thought I might post up my little blurb on a spare day I have up here in Armidale. Hopefully I will get a chance soon to start posting some of my foodie exploits and cooking disasters (mainly)/successes on this blog :)

Blogger name: cupcake

What makes a good restaurant for you?

A good atmosphere, good company, good service and good food and a damn good price :D

Suburb-wise, what are your favourite eateries?

Good gravy... it’s like picking my favourite illegitimate child ;)

If a place – whether it is from country NSW to a major city like Sydney– it has to have something I would crave for days! But to pick my places to go thus far location wise (this will have to be regularly updated!) – Armidale: fusion cafe and goldfish bowl cafe for their amazing chips and coffee; Newcastle: Goldberg’s for their awesome menu and to die for sticky date pudding, and brekkie at Monkey, Monkey, Monkey; Melbourne: all the little cafes on degraves street – how I love that little alley way and it’s sense of culture and coffee, and amazing hot Belgian waffles and St Kilda for their bakeries and cafes; Sydney: to many to pick from but at this very moment (craving for japanese) Ocean Room, Kobe Jones and Tetsuya’s in the city, breakfast at most of the cafes along manly beach, mocha and waffle from Barefoot in Manly, and yum cha at Manly Phoenix, dessert at max brenner or lindt cafe and of course my mum’s kitchen ^^

What’s your winter fix?

Winter fix = anything warm and bad for the waist line

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