Friday, August 29, 2008

Royal Copenhagen Ice Cream - Manly Wharf

After our celebratory dinner at Bavarian Bier Cafe we had the choice of either Max Brenner or Copenhagen for dessert since we did not get any back there. We ended up going to Copenhagen and left Max for another night since going to Max meant getting a hot drink, a cold drink, souffle, waffles, ice cream and pizza :P A simple ice cream seemed like the perfect way to finish off our meaty dinner without us bursting out of our pants.

We went to the one closest to us, naturally, since there are 2 Copenhagen eateries on The Corso at Manly. This one has pretty ice cream wallpaper on one wall with some plastic cows. There used to one humongous brown cow but that disappeared a while back :( We miss moomoo.

The other wall is lined with goodies to put on our ice creams ^^.... I think I like this wall better even though the other one looks tasty too.

Scooping the ice cream yayyy! Quite a few flavours to choose from too.

Hundreds and Thousands (Top) and Cookies and Cream (bottom). The top choice may not have been the wisest since the wall allows dispensation of hundreds and thousands but as this was my first time seeing this flavour in the cabinet I got a bit giddy with excitement and ordered it. The Cookies and Cream on the other hand is always a winner choice. The soft chunks of cookies mixed with the creamy ice cream is a match made in heaven.

Cookies and Cream (Top) and Boysenberry? (Bottom). Taaastttyy no matter the flavour haha.

Fudging up our ice creams with the chocolate and caramel fudges. A good tip is to order the waffle sundae which serves as a mini container where you can pile up as much fudge as possible.

Cool chocolate racing stripes on my ice cream whheeeee. Other flavours I recommend are Royal Copenhagen (butterscotchy), coconut and mint choc chip but all of them are good and worth trying. Mmmmm ice cream in winter is the best ^^!



Erique Fat Owl said...

My favorite ice cream is rum&raisin, and I hate the fact that Royal Copenhagen's rum&raisin is non-alcoholic, not even a BIT! (should be called sweet vanilla & raisin instead, meh)

Anyway, I love their fragrant...

Anonymous said...

EFO - Haha I think so that it can be kid-friendly? Yeah agreed, their waffles cones smell gorgeous when being made and taste fabulous. Sometimes I get the packets of waffle pieces for adding to ice cream at home.