Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Home Cooking - Roast Turkey

Just some photos of my roast turkey dinner with stuffing of apricots and sultanas. It was a small, semi de-boned turkey so it relatively fast to roast.

Too bad I ruined the photo by cutting it up too early to check if it was cooked through but hopefully you can use your imagination to block out those big scars. The end result was very pleasing as the turkey was not dry at all with a good mix of tender meat and slightly crispy skin (could have grilled it for a bit longer at a higher temp. but we were very hungry... and talking about that it's nearly dinner time again *gurgles*).

I greedily stole the untouched thigh and leg and a bit off the breast as soon as it came out of the oven hee hee. Scooped some stuffing onto the side and whacked some spinach and rocket salad drizzled in olive oil next to it to get a good roast dinner for a cold winters' night.

Hunngrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy... don't like food-blogging before mealtimes but I somehow always seem to do it haha :(


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