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Here Comes the Food ... the 'blurb'

Who are we? A bunch of eating and cooking enthusiasts who lurked the popular foodie blogs such as eatlikeacow and grabyourfork and finally decided to create our own blog with one common purpose: to share our passion for food by informing our readers about places and recipes we've tried and our success and failures through the experience.

What do we do? Eat, Cook and Stuff.

Where are we all? Sydney and the odd international review from abroad.

Individual profiles:

Blogger Name? D
What makes a good restaurant for you? When there is a balance struck between service and atmosphere that matches the cuisine and formality; the quality of food comes after and plays a sub-par role.
Suburb-wise, what are your favourite eateries? It depends on the cuisine and dish - there are some places I go to just for a dish. Whereas there are other places I go to for the cuisine that they do well in. To name a few: May's in Mandarin Centre (Chatswood) for the Laksa, Ryo's in Crow Nest for Ramen in general and Temasek in Parramatta for Hainan Chicken. As you can tell, my palate has developed a liking for Malaysian/Singaporean Cuisine, though not limited too!
What's your winter fix? Peanut Butter Choc Shake from Max Brenner ... cold drinks during 5 degree winter ... there's just something about it ...otherwise ...Grandma Churro from San Churros ... one of those drinks that might not be on the menu at the stores but you can ask for it and hopefully they have a barista that can make it!

Blogger Name? timmeh
What makes a good restaurant for you? A nice atmosphere, pleasant service, a place which will arouse your all your senses - smell, taste, the sound of people enjoying themselves, a well decorated dining area. I believe all these things contribute to a more enjoyable and memorable eating experience.
Suburb-wise, what are your favourite eateries? All my favourite eateries are spread out all over Sydney
What’s your winter fix? Korean Hotpot in Eastwood

Blogger Name? Ph@t-G
What makes a good restaurant for you? Well that really depends on the demographics of the restaurant. I think the most important thing of all is the quality of food. But on the other hand it should be complimented with comparative service.
Suburb-wise, what are your favourite eateries? This is a difficult one to answer as I'm a cosmopolitan eater, willing to travel all four corners of Sydney, and the world for that matter, to find the ultimate culinary delight with no budget in mind. But some of my favourites includes: Ryo for ramen, the local service station for Mrs Macs chilli beef and cheese pie, Sofra for kebab, The New Red Hat for cheap and cheerful cantonese fast food
What’s your winter fix? I can't escape from my asian roots and love to enjoy a nice hearty preserved duck egg and pork congee with some deep fried dough sticks and a serving of steamed beef rice noodles.

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