Sunday, August 10, 2008

La Fiamma Ribs and Pizza - Willoughby, Sydney.

It's the night of the Olympics 2008; everybody can't be bothered to head out for eating, so what's the next best thing for a 'chill' and lazy fix? Home-delivered ribs. That's right, you heard me. I have to admit that this was my first time ever of hearing this service, as the only home delivery I've ever used was for pizza (which I last used about 5 years ago).

FFicihiban's continuous reassurance coupled with NL's agreement that such a thing exists soon threw out my doubts that I was the victim of a nasty trick. After a few minutes of placing the phone order for two party packs (8 ribs, 8 pieces of corn and 8 baked potatoes) ... our phone order was quickly returned with the operator saying they'd throw in free garlic bread as we've ordered quite a bit ($100).

Within a half an hour wait, Here Comes The Food.

Nice and Simple Packaging to make us furiously rib it open to reveal the contents - Check.

Eight racks of beef ribs with honey, bbq and chill sauce - check.

Mouth-watering food porn shot - Check.

Glistening beef that still maintains warmth - Check.

Garlic Bread ... Garlic Bread ... Sigh ... They've forgotten about it. This is one of those annoyances I've brought to myself over years of experience with bad takeaway service: you always find something missing when it's not convenient to get it back. For example, you've gone into a drive-thru McDonalds (or even a dine-in!) and after paying, receiving your order and driving off munching onto your meal, half way through it you realise a burger or chips are missing and you've already driven too far to turn back. Or even at the other end of the spectrum, you're at a high end restaurant and have ordered several dishes, all the ones that take the most preparation and cooking time arrive first, whereas the most simple and arguably 'fastest' dish that you'd expect first, in fact does not arrive and you're told they've simply forgotten about it.

A customer's continual appearance at a specific eatery is affected by a common factor: expectation to be served what you've asked for.

Rant over.

So how does the ribs taste you make be asking (or simply have skipped the giant chunk of mind-boggling text) ? The beef is bland without the sauce that is provided. Whilst for meat lovers, beef can be enjoyed without the sauce....I believe ribs need it like 'icing on the cake'.
The chilli sauce is not for those even with the slightest sensitivity to spiciness as it packs a bit of kick. The BBQ sauce is tangy and possibly from an off-the-shelf product with a little bit of their own ingredients added. The honey sauce is the clear favourite; making the beef enjoyable and quickly nibbled, teared and ribbed clean off the bone from....nom nom nom.

La Fiamma Ribs and Pizza
9417 1211 (currently under construction)

Note: I tried googling and even having a look through eatability for the address of this eatery but yielded no result. Feel free hit us up with a comment if you've had better luck finding the location of this place, as I have a feeling that eating there would be better than delivery.


FFichiban said...

yeah if u order only one or two sauces they usually smother the ribs in them instead of side packaged ones so next time only honey teriyaki ftw

tomatosalsa said...

its on Penshurst St, Willoughby.
Opp P.K. Asian Supermarket, and near BP Station.

It looked so dodgy when it first

DHAVAL said...

cannot fault the food or service at La fiamma ! keep up the great service you provide & also your pork ribs & chicken burgers are divine & still waiting to try your gourmet pizzas.