Sunday, November 30, 2008

Good Food Affare - Castle Hill, Sydney (Part 1)

This post is about a week or so late but like every other food blogger, so many posts and too little time. Clearly my mouth is much bigger and faster than my posting abilities :P

But onto the Good Food Affare, as you may have read on other sites this Saturday was unfortunately windier than normal but it did not deter the mobs of foodies squishing into the tents and browsing all the goods. Since it was so windy and dust was everywhere D, C and I just ran into the closet possible for shelter and that was when I just started going trigger happy with camera so please excuse the disorganization of my photo order.

So much foodie dedication :)
This explains the hectic traffic in Caste Hill. After searching through the tents it is always good to see a familiar face :D

Noods and Suze
The wonderful Suze and Noods were tending their Biscuit Tree stall and we were lucky we got there when we did because they nearly sold out of stock! I am addicted to her Cranberry and Pistachio thick biscotti mmmmm. As you can see on Citrus and Candy, the before shot of our visit. Here is the after shot haha ^^!

What a lonely bag of biscotti... I should have given it a home too!
After a nice chat we continued on our exploration.

Fudge Lady

Mmmmm chocolate!

Kimberley Chocolates

Byron Bay Truffles

Chilli (left) and Strawberry (right)
Yummy truffles even though the chilli could have had a stronger kick to it.

This was a disappointing sight as we were all quite hungry from lack of breakfast and it was just clocking past noon.

But what a beautiful set up they had.

Chilli jams from Ayo's Fiery Food Works
More for seasoning and very tasty but not really hot.


Certified Australian Angus Beef
Too bad we didn't get any samples :( cos it looked really tasty.

Now that is my kinda fridge :)

Mirrool Creek Lamb

Hot Xocolat with chilli and cinnamon.
The ancient Mayan recipe causes a nice warm feeling to well up inside you with each sip. It is on the strong side but that was how chocolate started ^^!

Beautiful crafts and homeware in the Real Living tent
After wondering hungrily around some more we were finally informed by ChocolateSuze about the cafe.

The Hidden part past the carpark

Amour Coffee House
More interesting and stylish furniture but looking at the menu we were up for something much more solid and filling.

These lights were awesome and fluffy
The Good Food Affare was interesting and worth the look around at all the different goods on sale. We were disappointed that there weren't more of food food stalls like at markets and other festivals but still good fun to peruse.

Part 2 by D coming soon

Good Food Affare 21-23/11/2008
Castle Hill Showground, Castle Hill



Karen said...

Wow you captured so much more of it than I did! Hehe but one too many dust clouds in the face and the lack of food food meant that I actually wanted to leave early :( Hopefully next year it'l be better!

NQN said...

I am with you about the lack of hot food 9although from all reports, Friday was really disorganised and most stalls had sold out by midday!). I can't believe we were all there at the same time but didn't realise it :lol:

FFichiban said...

Karen - Haha I just went trigger happy. Yeah :( I vote for more hot food stalls next year!

NQN - Ohh lucky we didn't go on Friday then :S D suggested that we make shirts so that we stand out more hahah!