Saturday, November 1, 2008

Singapore Tastes - Some sweet stuff - okay a lot

Alrighty my friends know that I am notorious for loving sweet things... and what can I say I would skip dinner to have three desserts instead hahahaha

So I will break this into several posts of sweet things that I have really enjoyed here thus far and some places that I will list I have no photos of because I lost my camera earlier on in the trip. Will try to do it chronologically!

Goodwood Park Hotel - Coffee Lounge

This place has an amazing nonya high tea buffet! One of the best I have had actually. Ranging from dim sum and laksa to chocolate mousse cake and nonya keuh of all colours. Not all buffets are 100% fantastic and delectable - this one is close to 95%! I had such a gastronomical affair there and I hope to return during my trip to see it again so I can give a better report and include photos. The service and atmosphere were excellent though a little pricey - I believe at the time we had it for S$30.

22 Scotts Road (is walkable from orchard station!)
+65 6737 7411

Classic Cake - Clementi Ave

I enjoy a good cake... what am I saying - I love a good cake! Whether it be western, eastern or intergalatic - and this place produced fantastic cakes! For my auntie's birthday and her grand nephews one month old birthday I got to taste two fantastic cakes from this cake shop. A vanilla cream crepe layered cake and a white chocolate mousse cake.

happy one month little austin you cutie!!!! I think those booties are still to big for you :)

WOW look at all those crepes!!!!! Talk about effort!!!

It was sweet and surprisingly lighter than expected. The cream added a nice texture to the crepes that could have made it potentially quite dry. A good choice - now I want to try and attempt to make one when I return to Sydney :)

Happy Birthday Auntie!!! You are a beautiful woman inside and out!

Chocolate cake on the inside to! yummmm

I was fairly impressed with this cake, but am personally not a fan of white chocolate! I don't really consider it real chocolate hahaha the only real chocolate for me is 70% dark chocolate. But it was sweet and smoothe though the cake a little dry it was a good compliment to the mousse. And the black and white choc-chips were a plus... absolutely loved them! Click the link below to get some more info on this brilliant place!

41, Sunset Way
Clementi Arcade
Singapore 597071
Tel: 6762 8019

Gong He Guan - Chinese Desserts

This little hong kong dessert cafe tucked away in chinatown served as a great place to cool our stomachs off after a hot spicy indian curry. The service by the small asian lady was very attentive and keen and she was willing to explain to us about all the different desserts plastered across the walls

Authentic wooden seating

Almond pudding, tong yuen black seasame and mango icecream and pomelo sago pudding

These desserts were awfully nice. The tong yuen was chewy and the black sesame explosion in your mouth is always a nice surprise. The ginger soup that came with it was very light and fragrant that complimented the sweetness of the tong yuen very well. The almond pudding was standard and to be honest it was like all the street side hawker stalls just put into a nicer bowl. The pomelo sago pudding was interesting, the pomelo was not sweet so served as a bit of blandness in it, but the ice cream almost made up for it. I don't think I would order that again from there. I think our best choice there was definitely the tong yuen. (There is another place in chinatown much more famous and much busier!!! - you would be lucky to find a seat at peak hour ie after meal time! Hopefully I will be able to review it soon enough :D )

The visual menu and one of the workers

Gong He Guan
No. 28 Upper Cross Street

Singapore 058337

Tel: 62230562

Will continue with a further posting as I believe it has just become to long and taking up a whole lot of download!


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Anonymous said...

Shotgun official crepe taster when you get back ;)

Veron said...

That is an amazing crepe cake. And everything else is also gorgeous!

cupcake said...

Re ffichiban: lol of course... that goes unsaid man

Re veron: yeh it was pretty amazing!!! very labour intensive i imagine!!! hope you come to singapore and try out these things if you get a chance ^^

Clumbsy Cookie said...

That was sweet! Lol!