Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Langkawai - Island in the Sun ^^ day 1

So the island of Singapore gets small pretty quick - so I needed an escape! Lucky my lovely friend in Kuala Lumpuar came up with the brilliant idea to go to Langkawai. This small island off the coast of Malaysia is one awesome place!!! Not only are the locals pretty cool but the food .... out of this world!

Hole In the Wall

Okay my friend was much quicker on the mark than me. First thing she said to the tourist information lady was "where can we get good seafood?!" cos everything looked so tempting on the tourist map which also subsequently became our street directory :S Anyways she came up with a place that wasn't on the map (which will hopefully be on it soon). This floating resteraunt was called "Hole in the Wall" with our quick reply "hole in the what?"

This is only accessible by boat and the boat ride there is free. To answer our question as to why it was called "Hole in the wall" the boat ride showed us the single outlet to the ocean from the river. And the locals say that if that hole was not there there would not be life in this area. There is a fish show for 10 RM but we were lucky enough to be given a free one - maybe because it was low season and there was no one there and the workers had nothing really to do (lesson learnt go in low season!!). We were treated to the stylings of hungry fish and stingray feeding and playing with a horseshoe crab.

Hungry hungry stingray
This little creature was rather endearing...

Okay so that was the entertainment before the meal. We hoped to get bbq stingray here since we were treated to meeting about 10 very large sting rays- but alas there were none! Apparantly they were only for entertainment purposes. So we decided to try their sambal sotong (squid) and fresh sweet and sour grouper.

hole in the wall worthy food!

I was a bit apprehensive with the sweet and sour considering all the cheap chinese food I have had in newcastle and sydney, but my dear friend convinced me otherwise. The fish meat was sweet and the outside crispy. The flavours were amazing and wasn't the tacky fast food chinese at all! The sambal that came as a dipping sauce with it could definitely pack a fiery punch. The sotong was springy and the taste fantastic. Bit on the spicy side but thats how I love it! Actually can't say I had a complaint at all at this place. We spent 25 RM each all up including drinks and rice. Not bad at all!

Fruit Farm - Agrotechnology Fruit

Before our trip down the river we had to find something to whett our appetites. Fruit farm was high up on my list!! Cost me 10 RM to get the tour - you get an awesome guide who makes you climb star fruit trees to take a photo and also way to much fruit for you to eat.

In addition to the excess amount of fresh tropical fruit from the tree you can eat - the other reason I post this is this unique taste of Langkawai: Buffalo Milk Ice Cream

There really is no way to describe its taste. It's creamy but not, just sweet enough and has a particular fragrance due to the milk. A mustr try if you go to the island!


Okay so wind up the first day we decided to sit down to some teh tehrik (pulled tea) and share a dessert of chendol. We drove to the main eating area that really does cater to the tourists. Rasa itself has such a nice concept with the outdoor setting, fairy lights, tropical plants and yet so simple. The prices are quite reasonable - paying 3RM for the chendol and 1.50RM for the teh.

NOTE: to all the people visiting malaysia or singapore in general - their drinks are extremely sweet... like diabetic worthy!!! so if your someone like me that can feel the sugar on your teeth after you drink or eat something sugar laden ask for less sugar or no sugar in your drinks... and more than likely it will still be quite sweet!

the bubbles!!!

Mmmmm icy chendol!
The chendol served is a little bit different to what I am use to having in Singapore. They have a unique additon of sweet corn. Creative twist and really quite tasty! It's surprising to have it in a dessert but it works a treat!

Okay that wraps up day 1 - hopefully will have time again quite soon to show what else we had there!... in the mean time I might put up some other stuff I have had in Singapore!

^^ cupcake

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Buffalo milk ice creammmm oooooooooohhh sounds interesting :) and that guy looks like he is feeding his hand tot he sting-ray :S

Yummy foods and sambal though ^^!