Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Samy's Kitchen - the photos I promised!

So I did go back because the draw of this awesome curry was way to much - I have just included the photos of a couple random bits...

Just kidding!!! Sorry to disappoint but I am notorious for not being able to shut up hehehe How can I not put a little commentary :P

Our banana leaf plates :D

One of the best accompanying drinks to curry I think is lime juice! It's refreshing so to get rid of that oily feeling and settles the stomach after a whole lot of fiery foods. And the complimentary papadums never go astray :)

This is the counter where you see a whole lot of curries and order from a whole lot!!! Way to many to choose from - but I must say to try the fish head curry!

As part of the meal they give you a choice between plain rice and bryani.... can I just say pick the bryani! And then they will laden it with as much curry sauce as you wish from a giant bowl :) In addition you get some curied vegetables eg beans and some dahl. The taste is fairly standard and nothing is surprising or especially tasty about it. The nan is fresh and goes down a treat when you lather it the sauces from the curries you pick.

eeeeee - fish head ><

You may not think this looks very big but it was huge!! They only have the choice of medium or large... and let me tell you its pretty amazing. My father is a fish head curry conoisseur and said this is some of the best he has tried but is nothing like the stuff he had when he was a kid growing up in singapore. To be honest this is the first time I have had fish head curry by request and I was quite impressed! The last one I had was at the Ritz Carlton many years ago and force fed it by my father - that one was way too fishy! But this one most definitely wasn't and has now officially changed my mind about the dish. I didn't realise there was actually so much meat on just the head of the fish and it is the most prized part of the fish in Singapore.

These were the side dishes we ordered - deep fried cauliflower, a sort of indian KFC, some sotong, spinach and tofu, and lamb. The best ones out of these guys was definitely the cauliflower and lamb! A must try. It really is hard to place the flavours but with all indian cooking it is full of spices and just so flavoursome. This place really doesn't disappoint and is worth the trek to the Dempsey Hill complex.

Hope you guys had a visual feast!


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