Friday, November 7, 2008

Singapore Tastes - Some sweet stuff - Canele and not so sweet - the travelling markets!

Here is a place I tried for some what more of a western dessert and low and behold some night markets - hoorah!!!

Raffles City Market Place Basement - Canele

Mmmmm some more sweet stuff. Ok so with my aunt's birthday we decided to have some small desserts before heading home after work to her place for dinner - talk about spoiling your dinner lol.

At Raffles City at the food basement level there is this lovely looking cafe calles Canele. It is a chain store cafe with its original one on Scotts road off orchard road. This place isn't cheap - I can tell you that off the bat. It is beautifully designed and the fountain the middle makes for an interesting centre piece that the cafe can sit around.

They offer a whole range of food ranging from colourful macaroons and cakes to sandwiches and pasta. You are looking at about almost S$10 for each and coffees a fairly standard sing $5.

Party in my mouth ^^

This was a lychee white mousse with lemon and a sort of biscuit in between. It was the right amount of sweet and sour. A great dessert!

My aunt ordered a strawberry shortcake. She commented to me that the sponge was a bit dry but the cream was fresh and the strawberries sweet. This dessert is meant to be one of Canele's best sellers. It was ok when I tasted it - glad I chose the lychee over it!

From other people I have heard that their mains are excellent and I was quite happy with their dessert choice! I recommend going if you feel like indulging a little and want to spend a little on cake and coffee.

The Travelling Night Markets (Pasar Malams)

Okay so this I definitely would not have found if it were not pointed out to me. In Singapore there is a travelling market where they sell furniture, clothes, bags - absolutely almost everything you could think of! No one knows where they go next most of the time. It's truly by incidence you come across it. Or you can ask them where they are off to next - I think when I asked they said Serangoon... but by now they probably have moved off again :S But I was so happy that there were markets as I was starting to miss the ones in sydney after my fellow bloggers put up their last market visit in little old Mosman.

While staying in Buona Vista I pass a place called Gim Moh Gardens and fortunately during my stay the markets decided to set themselves up for a week there :)

Unfortunately I am not one of those people gifted with a huge appetite (okay maybe compared to a sumo wrestler) - so I selected a few foods that I thought looked interesting. And forutnately tasted pretty good... actually really good!

Bargain!! 3 for 1 dollar!!

These tapioca cakes were made fresh and so were pleasantly chewy and lightly flavoured with pandan. They were actually savoury! My mind always just jumps... cake = sweet hehehe so it was quite a surprise. They were lightly fried and served in a paper bag - definitely best to eat there and then. Made a really good snack ^^

Savoury donuts!

These donuts are indian in origin as I am told. They are the savoury type and have deepfried prawns stuck to the middle of them. Generally anything deep fried tastes good hahaha Costing at 80c each I didn't think they were to bad at all ^^ Here is a closer shot I took of them later when we plated them with the rest of our dinner. Hahahaha talk about bad indulgence food - my cholesterol will be through the roof by the time I get back to Australia.

Just at the top of the photo in the centre are another food we bought that night - its just deep fried balls of dough spiced with an array of flavours. Very tasty and cheap for quite a sizeable bag - $1.50.

So if you are ever trying to find them - ask some of the locals if they know where the travelling night markets are or they are also known as Pasar malams (night markets).

^^ cupcake


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That cafe and desserts looks very presentable mmmmmm and did you get a new camera? Photos look nice and crisp

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