Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Pakhi Cafe - Ultimo, Sydney

I do not go to Ultimo much at all but for late night suppers, this is one of the best places to go. Since Mamak(#1, #2) closes relatively early on weekdays, it is definitely worth a short walk to this little cafe which is like a beacon of light amongst the tall dark office buildings. The welcoming glow of the 'Kebab & Pizza' is a promising sign of tasty, greasy, late night food :)

After hearing glorious stories from D2MG people, about the large portions of chicken schnitzel with a creamy and cheesy sauce, beautifully charred steak with tender meat and crispy, freshly fried golden chips sprinkled with chicken salt I just had to try it out! All for a reasonable prices as well ^^!

Since the food usually takes a while, we called ahead and ordered so that the food would be ready for when we got there. Here Comes the Food.

Fillet Steak with Mushroom sauce ($15.50)
There are 3 choices of sauces: marsala, pepper or mushroom and from what I saw the mushroom looked really creamy and would be my choice. I did not get an example of the steak but from the faces of my friends and their reassuring comments about the steak that it was done just the way they asked for it.

Spaghetti Bolognese ($10)
Look at all that chheeseee mmmmmmmm ^^! It would have been even better if they gave us a shaker full of cheese along with it haha. I am sure they would have if we asked but my friends were happy with this amount of cheese already.

Chicken Schnitzel ($12.50)

Chicken Schnitzel with cheese ($12.50)
Now these babies was what I came for ^^! 2 big patties of piping hot chicken schnitzels with a generous amount of napoletana sauce and cheese! The crunchy batter combined with tender chicken breast is already awesome combination but then throw on some creamy mushroomy sauce and oozy cheese and it becomes perfect. The generous portion sizes of the schnitzels at such a reasonable price was the cherry on top. MMmmmm definitely worth it.

I know the next time I come I will be torn apart between the tantalizing-looking steak and the cheesy schnitzel. Which to choose.. which to choose :S I guess I will just have to go more than once :) One funny thing I found was that none of friends have actually tried the kebabs or pizzas here haha but stick with what works I guess.

The Pakhi Cafe
91 William Henry St
Ultimo, Sydney
Ph: (02) 9280 3776
Free Delivery to some areas with minimum order of $20



NQN said...

Wow, those servings are huge! And I like the move of ordering ahead=minimum waiting time for food :lol:

FFichiban said...

NQN - Yeah really good filling snack ^^! In my opinion you should drive because you won't want to walk afterwards hee hee.