Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mosman Village Art & Craft Market - Mosman, Sydney

I have no idea about this festival as I came for the markets but it was the only banner I could find hee hee
The beginning of each month means one thing... Markets! For the past few months, I have not been going out to many markets because of rain/grey skies or just plain laziness (Market times are very early for a weekend imo :P) but this month I was determined to go peruse around one. Since ChocolateSuze had The Biscuit Tree set up at the Mosman Village Art & Craft Market on the 1st Saturday of each month, this one became my choice to visit.

The top half of the markets near Military Rd
There were mainly clothes and other crafts at the stalls up here. There was one amusing stall that were selling "Manly Nuts" which I found amusing but forgot to take a photo :( After going down the steps to the grassy area though, tucked away at the back, that was where the action began!

A row of food stalls!!! + 1 ChocolateSuze.... I am not a stalker, I swear XD
I didn't even realize that she was in the photo until I was transferring these onto my computer at home and also because this was taken a few seconds before we actually met hee hee :D I saw a head of brown hair and pink streaks walk past so I to peered around trying to catch a glimpse of the face. The facial expression I got when I asked 'Suze?' was priceless though hee hee :P

The Biscuit Tree
After exchanging pleasantries, she kindly showed me around these markets and even posed at her stall for me ^^! So a big thanks to Suze - you are awesome and funny hee hee :D I also met Noods and her parents who were all very nice and especially her father who is quite a comedian.

Now it is time for some sustainence after all the introduction and tour of the markets so Here Comes the Food.

BBQ stall

Smoked Kransky with cheese and onion
Market stall food has that special taste and feel to it that makes it unique and tasty.

Smoked Kransky with cheese and onion ($6.50)
Very tasty indeed nom nom.

Belgian Crunchy Chips

Belgian Crunchy Chips + Dutch Mayonnaise ($5)
The chips were fresh, piping hot and beautifully crunchy while Dutch Mayonnaise is beautifully creamy, similar to that of aioli but with the ever so slightest tinge of sourness. I could eat these all day long haha yummm.

The Honey Man

BuzzMe Energy Drink (1 for $3.50, 2 for $6.00 ...)
I don't drink a lot of energy drinks but this one is probably my favourite of them all as it has a nice touch of ginseng and honey.

The Chilli Man

Chipotle Sauce ($9)
Beautiful smokey flavour that matches meat perfectly. There is also a sweetness initially then followed by the mild chilli flavour instead of just a burn.

Newcastle Pudding guys

Chocolate Macadamia ($21)
It was a toss up between this one and the date & toffee pudding but this one won thanks to the chocolate. Nice and dense this pudding has a rich chocolate taste but not too sweet and macadamia nuts is always welcome with chocolate.

Gingerbread man
I am not sure which stall this was from or how it tasted but gingerbread men is always cool.

Biscotti & Shortbread stash from The Biscuit Tree ($7.50 each or 3 for $21)
I am personally a big fan of the ginger shortbread and the crispy biscotti's but they are all good! The crumbly textures of the shortbread with pieces of ginger mmmm ^^! The snap of the biscotti's and the stickiness makes these a real treat.

The markets were great fun but a food blogger gathering later that day at Adriano Zumbo Cafe Chocolat afterwards in Balmain was the highlight of the day haha. I will post that up next but you can read about it first at NQN and Ooh, Look... ^^!

Mosman Village Art & Craft Market
Mosman Square and Village Green, Spit Junction
First Saturday of every month
8am - 3pm



Anonymous said...

It was nice to meet you finally! Looking forward to reading your writeup :)

How were the Belgian crunchy chips? Were they crunchier than normal?

Miss Honey said...

Oh how I envy your market filled weekend!! Those big fat chips look yummy!

Anonymous said...

NQN - ^^!You guys are all so awesome haha.

The chips were pretty crunchy but it was the mayo that made them special imo.

Miss Honey - Thx for visiting and commenting :) You should visit the markets too hee hee! They are fun and you can try and spot other bloggers ;)

cupcake said...

mmm thats what i miss most about syd - all their markets!!!!

chocolatesuze said...

bwhahaha good to finally meet you dude! and i see you went back and bought more biscuits lol hope my mum gave you a discount!

Anonymous said...

Cupcake - Haha don't you guys have night markets? You can stay out every night till like 2am eating haha :P

ChocolateSuze - Haha I needed more mulah and they worth it even with no discount ;)

Lilia said...
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Lilia said...

I'm going to Mosman Market this Saturday bringing my friend's daughter. Last time I brought her to Kirribilli market on saturday the end of the months ago, she dislike it. Not many food stall in there and it was raining.
Can you tell me if Mosman market is better? 'Cos it will take long time to catch train and bus to get there. If it's not better then I will go to SMH market.

Anonymous said...

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