Sunday, November 23, 2008

Miso - Sydney CBD, Sydney

I mentioned before, that I went through a 'M' phase either by coincidence or subconsciously so my next 5 posts will be about places starting with 'M'. The first installment of this series is the lovely little Japanese place Miso.

This place is part of the Masuya Group, which includes Masuya, Makoto, Musashi and Miso. Since I am sort of a regular to the other restaurants in the Masuya Group, I was very surprised and happy to discover this place in the Sydney Morning Herald. I thought it was a newly opened place but I was shocked to find out just outside, by a few random friends I bumped into, that it has already been open for aagggess and aggesss :( Well, I have lots of catching up to do then!

I was told by my friends that there would be a long queue later on but I was very fortunate as I planned on an early dinner haha (around 6:30). I was not surprised then, when I walked in and the place was already 80% full. The bright lighting inside gave the place a clean look, bordering on sterile if not for the art decor hanging on the wall and the row of green/brown couches. I liked how the lights had been blacked out on the bottom half so they don't blind the customers haha.

Miso is based on Teishoku meals, which consists of smaller dishes that combine to make one a perfectly balanced meal. "It is created for a perfect healthy balance of body and soul", and that is why I love Japanese food so much - healthy and delicious ^^!

Here Comes the Food

Pork Miso Katsu Set ($15)
I found it weird that they served the main dish furthet away from you :S so I rearranged it haha one of my idiosyncracies.

Pork Miso Katsu Set (Rearranged)

They did mention on the menu that this was fatless pork so I was a little bit disappointed haha because I thought there would be a compromise to the taste. But I found the pork still very good and juicy. The meat was not dry at all and the batter gave it a very beautiful crunch. The only problem I found was that there was not even miso sauce on top and that the tonkatsu sauce easily overpowered it, so don't add too much of the tonkatsu sauce when dipping. The miso was fragrent and sweet mmmmm love miso sauce.

The side dishes all complimented very well with a fresh salad, creamy macroni and some pickled veges.

I found the service typical of the Masuya Group, where the staff are 'fob' and strictly business. The serving time can also be very variable as my dish took about a while to come out but a businessman who came 15-20mins after I arrived got his tonkatsu only a few mins I got mine. Price-wise it is a bit more expensive due to the location compared to other Japanese eateries of this standard. All in all I am happy with this place and will definitely come back for more miso katsu or some of the other dishes.

I think I read on the menu that they used South Australian pork but can't really remember now

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Shop 20, World Square
Ph: (02) 9283 9686
Opening Times:
Monday to Friday (Lunch ) : 11:30 - 14:30
Monday to Saturday (Dinner) : 17:30 - 21:30



Belle said...

Looking forward to trying this place - I'm a huge fan of Masuya so it will be interesting to see how it compares. And I also rearrange my food to make the eating easier!

Miss Honey said...

I didn't know this place existed either! Will put it on my list to try:)

FFichiban said...

Belle - Hee hee I await your review :) Mmm haven't been Masuya in ages.. must go haha.

Miss Honey - Yayyy try try ^^!

foodie.jenius said...

hehe... i think they tried to place the rice close to you... not the main dish away from you... just another perspective i suppose :)

mmmm, i love the tonkatsu at Masuya... but fatless!!!!!! all in the name of health...

NQN said...

Mmm I love Katsu! They look like they taste their Katsu responsibilities seriously too! ;)

FFichiban said...

Foodie.Jenius - Hee hee yeah maayyybbe :P The tonkatsu was still very good :) so never fear

NQN - Hee hee yuupp makes me want to go Japan againnnn!

Veron said...

I love pork...but fried die for! Looks yummy!