Friday, November 28, 2008

Macchiato - Sydney CBD, Sydney

Now for an intermission from the Japanese restaurants. Macchiato Pasta and Wood Fire Pizza is a sight that cannot be missed by any passer-byers due to the great big windows and brightly lit atmosphere. Positioned at a busy intersection in the city, it seemed pretty popular so we had to try it out.

Specials board that I took a photo of but forgot about until after our meal
First impressions are a very important thing and I must say, this place gave me one of the worst. We had a party of 7 but Pupu and I got there a little bit earlier than the others. It might have been because it was reasonably busy but their service aloof and quite unorganized. We were asked 3 times by 3 different people if we had a reservation and for how many people. The last time was after Pupu and I have sat down in our tiny corner table. That probably annoyed me the most.

Named after a style of coffee but instead of a shot of espresso with a touch of milk, the food here is modern Australian with a touch of classic Italian cuisine
After sitting and calming down, this place seemed alright. The atmosphere was bright and warm (would have been better with a better table) and the menu seemed fairish for city prices .

Harooo everyone!
We were a bit skeptical about the food after the service being so meh but when the food came out we were met with a pleasant surprise. Their portion sizes were reasonable but the taste of proper wood fire pizza is unbeatable.

Here Comes the Food

Iced Chocolate
These were a bit disappointing as they were lukewarm for some reason :S and only with a mediocre flavour.

Garlic & Cheese Pizza ($13)
Shared amongst the table, this was a great start to the meal. There could have been more cheese haha (I think I say that about everything) but the crispy crust and garlic infusion had me craving for more than one slice.

Penne Boscaiola ($17.90)
A creamy sauce with well-cooked pasta. A great combination of flavours which does not get too much/rich even after the whole plate.

Angelo 'Agnelo' ($24.90)
Tender slivers of lamb fillets with caramelized onions, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella. The lamb was really good and they were generously topped on top. The other ingredients all added up to create a well balanced and tasty pizza.

Texas ($20.90)
My personal favourite of all the savoury pizzas and not because I ordered it :P Most likely because I am a carnivore and this one had the most meaty goodness on it. A combination of chicken, cabanossi, chorizo, ham, mozzarella and bbq sauce created a sweet and meaty sensation. Stringy cheese perfectly melted on top and a few sprinkled basil leaves for extra herby flavour :)

Margherita ($16.90)
For the vegetarian of the group, there was a selection between 2 pizzas and he went with this one. Fragrant Roma tomatoes and mozzarella always make for a simple yet delicious meal. I thought it could have donw with a few more basil leaves but we still have the beautiful flavour in some of the bites.

BBQ Chicken ($18.90)
Chicken tenderloin, grilled onions, tomatoes, mozzarella and a drizzle of bbq sauce can't go wrong unless the chef is really really incompetent. The chicken pieces were soft and tender and the sweetness of the ingedients were enhanced by the bbq sauce.

Bombay ($19.90)
Tandoori chicken, onions, mint yogurt chutney and more mozzarella goodness. The sweet red onions work well with the tandoori chicken. The yogurt was refreshing and overall another great choice.

My ultimate pizza (missing a slice)
Nom nom nom but now for some dessert!

Apple and Custard Pizza Pie ($11.90)
Another highlight in the meal was this pizza pie. The soft french dough was fluffy, thick and created the perfect base for this dessert. The apple and cinnamon fusion is one of my favourite ones and mixed with ice cream and custard it was irresistible. I did find that the custard left a dry sensation in my mouth afterward.

Quality pizza oven wood haha

I found the art on the roof really interesting and added some pizazz to this place.

Wood fire oven
Hmmm deciding whether to come here again was the tricky part because the service is a major part of the dining experience. Service = bad but food = good :S I think it is worth it to try again as that could have been a one off.

After being full and content we took a stroll around and came across this amusing little place and I must have a little bit of Japanese in this post :P

With a cool advertising poster:

Hee hee do you guys think that this sounds more legit and hence more likely to try it out?

Macchiato Pasta and Wood Fire Pizza
338 Pitt St



Anonymous said...

ROFL At the Japanese "second best in Sydney"! Pizzas look interesting and I like the lighting fixtures shot (I love nice lighting fixtures). Theirs look like Christmas baubles.

That dessert pizza looks may-ja! Perhaps the dryness in the mouth afterwards was from custard powder? I find that happens if there's too much custard powder. Either that or you were drooling too much at it :P

D said...

haha yes ... second best in Sydney !! let's try it soon mangs .. hmm I've walked past this place plenty of times ... maybe the service will be better in the middle of the week when it's less busy? :D

flapflap said...

Looks like Macchiato has had a refurbishment since I last went. Very trendy looking! Do they still have the duck pizza? It's almost (but not quite!) as good as the duck pizza at the Australian Hotel at the Rocks

Is that "second best" Japanese restaurant in World Square?

Anonymous said...

NQN - Hee hee yeah. I really wanted to go in and ask which place was No. 1 :P But my friend brought up the reason that it sounds more legit than claiming to be no. 1 soo hmm. Hee hee thhxxx they do don't they :)

Ahhh yeh, the first reason sounds more justified it but the second one is more likely hee hee

D - Hahah yeah fosho... but for now a moment for a fallen comrade.

Flapflap - Ooohh what you think of it when you went? Yes they still have the 'Shanghai' which has duck, oyster mushrooms, snow peas and plum sauce.

Roll Sushi is actually on Dixon St, sort of opposite Mamak and next to the newish Mandarin Club.

Anonymous said...

The best breakfast we had in Sydney 2 years ago!