Saturday, November 15, 2008

Monaco Bar - Everywhere except where we look, Sydney

MMmmmm I'll start on a bit of a tangent but I must be on a 'M' craze recently because as I was transferring my photos onto the computer, I noticed that the last three restaurants I have been to all start with 'M'. It is just coincidental that this one also starts with 'M' as well haha. The Monaco bar!

After hearing numerous recounts of memorable and satisfying moments with the Monaco bar from some of my fellow friends, it got me very curious about this ice cream sandwich. I had never tried one before or even heard about them until they came back, probably because I had a deprived childhood haha jk. Then reading about it on The Delectable Delight got me really craving for one especially the drool-inducing photo mmm.

So one merry evening Monkeyjaja and I decided to go in search of this legendary Monaco bar. We started off from Liverpool St in the city and went to a convenient store across the street onto George St. They didn't seem to stock them at this one so we thought that maybe Woolworths may stock it since it is a much bigger supermarket. After wandering around upstairs and finally finding the ice cream downstairs in Woolworths we could only find tubs and boxes of ice cream/ ice blocks. Then we thought, of course the 7-11 on Pitt must have some. We were a bit tired but not discouraged on our quest for the golden Monaco bar! But alas, the 7-11 has failed us but never fear, there were about 3 or so other convenient stores on Pitt St and 1 or 2 more on George. Cut long story short they were all fails, ended up going in a large circle back to where we started and rage buying a Honeycomb Maxibon (me) and a Golden Gaytime (Monkeyjaja).

I love Maxibons because they took the 2 greatest combination of ice cream types and put it into one mega ice cream bar. They were much better when they were bigger and probably cheaper but since they have gotten smaller I have bought them less and less. I always start with the chocolated coated side because I love saving the best for last and that means the cookie ^^!
I am also a big fan of the ice cream bar Golden Gaytime. The honeycomb biscuits are just the cherry on top while the toffee and vanilla ice cream combo marries the chocolate perfectly.
(Sorry about lack of photos as we ended up gobbling them down after our long and tiring adventure hee hee )

As we were on our way home, we received one final chance of obtaining out goal in the form of a 7-11 at out station!

We were a bit scared to get our hopes up but YAY were we greeted with a great big sign as we entered.

Such a beautiful sight *sniff*

Our golden prizes

The Monaco Bar
To be honest when I first bit into it, I was a little bit disappointed because not much magic happened. The cookie sandwich was thinner and not as nice as the Maxibon one and the ice cream was just plain vanilla. But after munching away at it, it got better and better. The sweet melty ice cream with the doughy cookie was a match made in heaven. At the modest price of $3 it is definitely worth it.

I am still a fan of the Maxibon but the higher price and smaller portions have been a bit off-putting. The Monaco is a welcome competitor for the Maxibon and I hope it is here to stay. The next time I go to get ice cream from a convenient store, I would probably end up buying both haha mmmmmm ^^!

PS: The next day our friend told us that the Monaco Bar was available across the street on the other side of Liverpool St. DOH!



Karen said...

Hehe so much work for icecream! I want an icecream bar!

Anonymous said...

LOL at your quest for a Monaco Bar!

BTW I tagged you-have a look at the site - it's totally up to you if you want to participate :)

chocolatesuze said...

heh i like both but i think i prefer the maxibon over the monaco bar... also, theres a maxibon cookie! ive got about 5 of those babies in my freezer atm have fun finding it =P

Anonymous said...

Karen - Haha the crazy things we would do in the name of good food ^^! Yeah ice cream is good at anytime, anywhere.

NQN - Hee hee good adventure especially since we got to eat ice cream twice haha :) and thhhxxxxx, of course we would ^^!

ChocolateSuze - Ahhh yeah I like them both so it is a hard choice for me haha. Oooh yeah I have seen those around but never tried cos they look so small haha (I'm a fatty :P) but if you have stocked up on them they msut be pretty good :)