Saturday, November 1, 2008

In Chan Thai - Kingsford, Sydney

I am not trying to interfere with D's job of eating his way along Anzac Parade but I did happen to end up along their for dinner one night so might as well give him a hand ;) We had decided on an Indonesian place a few doors down but that was closed so our second choice was In Chan Thai. I think it was the blue aura that lured us like moths into this place.

Interesting artwork on the walls

Open kitchen so we can check if our food has been tampered with
Especially now after that 'ice cream' incident that has been in the news! That was disgusting (X_X) but do you guys think it was planted or genuine.... cos it could be an easy million dora comp.. hmmm.

Anywayyyy back onto the more important business of edible and tasty food ^^! After perusing the menu of curries, stir frys, noodles and bbq we were very hungry and ordered a few dishes to share so Here Comes the Food.

Coconut drink
With real slices of baby coconut flesh, this was a refreshing and sweet drink to accompany the variety of dishes. There was a little too much ice which meant less coconut juice but still good.

Tom Yum Goong
The name says it all :) Yuuummmmm. The sour and mildy spicy concoction of mushrooms, prawns and 'erbs was the perfect way to start off the meal. Especially since that sourness is an appetite inducer we were ready to devour the other dishes.

Pad Thai
Another great combination of sweet and sour flavours accompanied by fresh and crisp bean sprouts. Little golden clumps of egg make this a delight but I personally would prefer more peanuts in this dish.

Green Curry (duck)
My favourite dish of this meal :) The rich, creamy curry just swirls the flavours in your mouth and warms up your whole body. Since it is green curry it is milder than the others but this allows other flavours to shine in the curry. Fresh vegetables and tasty morsels of tender duck pieces are scattered throughout.

BBQ Beef (Crying Tiger)
To our disappointment, this beef was neither crying nor a tiger :( The meat was a little bit dry and stringy but the sour and peppery sauce was a good match.

A content and filling meal at an affordable price ^^! Even though we shouted one of the diners as it was his b'day.

Yoshi Party!!
At a shop a few doors down. Soo cuutteee ^^!

In Chan Thai
482 Anzac Parade
Kingsford 2032
Ph: (02)9663 3356



NQN said...

That Tom Yum bowl looks huge! I always tend to have Indonesian or Chinese when I eat on Anzac Parade but good to know there's a good Thai place :)

FFichiban said...

NQN - Haha yeah our first choice was Indo but it was closed. I don't go out there much so I would like to try the Indo and Chinese places there.

howardt said...

Interesting, I catch the bus on Anzac Parade everyday and never noticed this place. Tom Yum looks good!

I've tried the Indo place on Anzac Parade you guys went to in a previous review, the chicken is awesome!!!